AFC Westworld – Week 9

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Kyle provides a roundup of all the latest from the wild, wild AFC West World.

Denver Broncos

Could there be anything worse than John Elway and the Broncos discovering that Joe Flacco isn’t their longterm answer at quarterback?

It was just in March when Elway said Flacco was just now entering his prime. And dammit, I do not want that prime to be over after a mere half-season. I want Flacco under center through at least 2025. But alas, Joe Flacco goes down for one game, and wouldn’t you know it but the Broncos got the W. [Taps is playing in the background]

Oh, Bronco Joe, we hardly knew ye. Please don’t go far. Maybe Carson, California next season?

Broncos fans are predictably happy with the new quarterback, and it turns out that removing Joe Flacco from the equation tends to make other NFL fans happy as well.

And to think the Ravens started last season with Lamar Jackson as a backup to Statue Joe.

The Broncos’ win did of course come against the Cleveland Browns, who just had to cut a guy for threatening the media on Twitter. Then there was this photo of Baker Mayfield, and the Internet did not disappoint.

Sorry, it’s the AFC North and I know we don’t really care. If you have an hour to spare do yourself a favor and search Baker Mayfield and then click on the photos tab. Maybe two hours.

Broncos are still terrible, yada yada yada. And they now may have a quarterback controversy between Brandan Allen, with one career NFL start, and Drew Lock, with zero NFL starts. So maybe life without Joe Flacco can be just as entertaining. Fingers crossed.

Up next: Bye

Oakland Raiders

Here in Denver we’ve already had three different snowfalls, so it is quite possible that the weather in Hell calls for freezing rain. And that would explain the Raiders, yes the RAIDERS, getting a defensive stop to win a game. The Raiders and defensive stop go together like Al Davis and being alive. (Speaking of Hell.)

Ok, so defensive stop is a bit strong. The Lions got down to the 1-yard line for the final potentially game-tying play, but took both Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones off the field. With the game on the line the Lions gave Matt Stafford the following players to throw to: No. 2 tight end Jesse James, No. 3 tight end Logan Thomas, fullback Nick Bawden, running back Ty Johnson, and eligible offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby.

Helluva job, Matt Patricia. Why are all former Patriots coordinators absolutely terrible head coaches?

So the Raiders escape at home against a terrible defense and a coaching staff needing to be put in concussion protocol, and naturally they are now going to the playoffs and Derek Carr is a star.

Yes indeed. Looking good against the 30th ranked pass defense and Clelin Ferrell briefly appearing somewhere other than the side of a milk carton no doubt has you guys primed for a serious playoff push. With the 32nd graded defense on PFF. And the human turnover Derek Carr. And Jon Gruden, who gave the Lions a bonus timeout on their final drive. And who likes fullbacks.

The Raiders begin their “push” with a short week Thursday game against the Chargers. Center Rodney Hudson is banged up, as is tackle Trent Brown. And if they are out against the Chargers the pass rush of Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram will go crazy. We’ll see if the Carr-cinomas (my name for the Derek Carr fan club) are still fired up come Friday morning.

Up next: Raiders host Chargers (Thursday)

Los Angeles Chargers

On Sunday the Chargers didn’t Charger even a little. What a let down. They actually dominated the Packers and made Aaron Rodgers look like Rodgers and Hammerstein. (You thought I was going Mr. Rogers there, didn’t you.)

But these are the Chargers, they are so very much the Chargers, and more Charger than any other Charger-like team. So naturally after their biggest win of the season, the celebratory wave that might have followed crashed immediately when a whole host of reports came out that the NFL is actively trying to move them to London. The main reason: everyone in the NFL and Los Angeles hates you.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos was displeased.

Blimey, he sounds a wee bit off his trolley.

The gist of the story is this. The Chargers move back to L.A., a move no one wanted them to make, has been a disaster. It hasn’t gotten any better, and in fact it’s gotten worse. Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who is about to become the Chargers landlord, wants them out of L.A., as does everyone else. And the NFL is very desirous of having a franchise in London, where they just built a brand new stadium and have millions of fans.

In order to make it work air travel wise the Chargers would likely move to the AFC South or AFC East, with the Texans shuffling and perhaps the Dolphins.

I think the move makes perfect sense. The Chargers are the “Billy no mates” of the NFL, Philip Rivers has been its spotted dick, and Dean Spanos is the barmy numpty arse.

On this side of the pond the Chargers are shambolic. But in London they have a chance to be the dog’s bollocks. I say let the rubbish tossers do a runner, faff about, and see if jolly old England is their cup of tea. Just take your brollies, blokes.

In reality a move won’t happen without the Chargers pursuing it themselves, and judging by the use of the double f-words by the cheesed off Spanos, that’s still quite a few fortnights away.

In the meantime we’ll keep taking the piss and they’ll keep cocking-up football games, leaving their few remaining fans gutted.


Up next: Chargers at Raiders (Thursday)

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Very good, as always.


Hi Candise!


The Raiders and defensive stop go together like Al Davis and being alive. (Speaking of Hell.)

I usually try to stay away from Millennial terms, but… Savage. Al Davis would approve (if this was about anybody other than himself).


This morning someone was talking about the tax situation for any NFL employee who would live and work in London. They would end up getting taxed by the US and the English essentially paying double the taxes a 23 mill contract would pay 11 mill or so in US taxes and then 12 mill or so to the English. That doesn’t leave much for agents and chains.


Naw. They get a foreign tax credit to offset the double taxation.


I would be fine with moving a team to Mexico City, mainly because there’s no huge time difference, as opposed to London, which is 5 hours ahead of the East Coast. Jet lag would be bountiful. Plus, I think it’d be a little more successful in Mexico City, imo. Just as long as Shakira doesn’t perform at the stadium again ?


I dont think I’d put my billion dollar investment permanently in a failed state considered one of the most dangerous countries on earth. Logistically, Mexico City is obviously much better than London, but its worse in every other way. I think Toronto would be great, but that is basically considered part of the Bills geographic area, so wont ever happen.


The logical choice would of been to move the raiders back to LA and the chargers to vegas, but they fucked that up. To me San Antonio would be the next best option.


The Chargers need to go back to SD where they belong. Spanos needs to build his own stadium without public money. Maybe give him some tax credits or something. Better yet, just force that asshole to sell with the condition that the new owner has to move the team back to SD.


Reality is that most owners dont build their own stadiums, or they get ridiculous tax breaks or kick backs for building new stadiums. I dont necessarily like it but it is what it is. He has the right to move his team but LA? Why LA?


Partly because Jerry doesn’t want anybody else in Texas.


Chargers need to go back to SD, Spanos needs to be not-so-politely told he is an absolute dumbfuck and the NFL is taking the team from him. Give him 10% above the market, get new ownership, build the stadium with NFL money, and make it all back in 2.5 years.


That would have been much better. I’ve said it a million times, but moving the Raiders to Vegas was the worse thing the NFL could do for re-establishing itself in LA. The LA Raiders fans will just have another excuse to go to Vegas for the weekend.


OT, but man the Titans are in turmoil. When it comes to the Chiefs it seems even crap teams can get their shit together for a minute. But the fans are pissed. They think Mariota got benched as the fall guy for inept coaching. Basically they’re ready to for coaching stall across the board. Anyway, should be interesting. Tyler Lewan is supposed to be a key leader and Eddie George said he thinks he’s lost standing in the locker room. He was suspended for the first 4 games for PEDs, and said Sunday he didn’t come out with a decent attitude.

Sometimes, as Chiefs fans we fail to appreciate the problems we don’t have. Thank you Clark Hunt and esp. Andy Reid. I may scoop a ticket and head over to Nashville this weekend.


So Mariota has supporters?


They see him for what he is, but still think he got a raw deal with all the problems being laid at his feet.


I can see them getting fucking murdered in this game and then the heads begin to roll


I can’t see how any team would do well moving to London. I can see a lot of free agents opting not to sign with the overseas team. …and even not signing with the teams in that division that regularly have to make that trip each year.