Why Chiefs should rest Mahomes for next 4 games, even with a good result on the MRI

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What are the next 4 games for the Chiefs?

Packers, Vikings, Titans, Chargers.

We will probably lose against the Packers and Vikings. Titans are a toss up, and Chargers are a mystery. lets say we lose 3 games, and win 1. (Win against the Titans)

so whats our record going into the bye? (Chiefs go to bye after Chargers game).


1st round bye is already out of the question. Lets win the division. Broncos are toast. Raiders are our main competition. what will their record be going into that week? they face Packers, Texans, Lions, Chargers, Bengals & Jets. They will lose to the Packers and Texans, win against the Bengals and Jets. The Lions and Chargers games are tossups. Lets guess they win 3 and lose 3 in this span. They record would be 6-5 then. We will be tied with them, except we have the win over them.

Where will the Chargers be at? they are 2-4 currently. They have Titans, Bears, Packers, Raiders & us coming up. Assuming they lose to the Packers and Raiders, their record would be 5-6.

This division will be very much up for grabs.

Mahomes is our future. lets not mortgage it by rushing him back. in fact, if he needs surgery, lets just do it and shut him off for the season.

with that said, i hope he can come back AFTER the bye. that will give him 5 weeks of rest.


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They won’t rush him back. Wouldn’t be surprised if we snuck a victory away from the Vikings either. They are hit or miss bigly. Potentially, and this is my non educated opinion, we could go 2-2 with him out.
Packers: L
Vikings: W
Titans: W
Chargers: L
Or they could lose them all, or win them all.


they WILL sit him for a month, that’s a given … it doesn’t matter who they play on the schedule, they WILL sit him for a month

they WHY has nothing to do with football and everything to do with his knee