Coin Toss and the Race to Halftime

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For back to back weeks the visitors at Arrowhead won the toss, and both Colts and Texans decided to defer to the second half. Last season that would be a recipe for disaster, giving the Chiefs the ball early and letting them control the flow of the game. There were games last year where having the ball late in the second half was the only reason the Chiefs were able to win games or keep them close. This year has been so much different, not only the new defense that looks perhaps worse than last year, but also the offense isn’t quite as effective as it was last year. Chalk the offense up to a hobbled Mahomes, depleted receiving core, depleted offensive line, and although I hate to type this, a head coach and play caller who may be getting a little to cute for his own good, especially on key drives and red zone situations. The offense while still lethal has lacked the Kill Mode it was able to go into several times last year. Now back to the coin toss and the opposing teams being able to have the ball int he second half. It’s nearly a gamble in and of its self to give the Chiefs the ball first, Bill O’Brien, and Frank Reich must have had supreme confidence in their Defensive Coordinators to be able to stop Mahomes maybe even just 2 times in the half put with how putrid the Chiefs D has looked it’s almost been a guarantee to get points on them or at least hold the ball for so long the offense has trouble getting on track. The Chiefs had the ball just 3 times in the second half. They scored one Touchdown and punted twice. That’s the game. The run D couldn’t stop anything and Houston was content to just run the ball and kill time just as Indy did a week ago, content to know the only way the Chiefs were going to get off the field was by forcing turnovers, which is really the only way they prevented the Texans from putting up 45 points yesterday. Mahomes didn’t even have a chance to do MVP things. The Chiefs HAVE to realize this is the actual formula to beat them. Never mind the 17-3 lead the Chiefs held at one point  in the first half. That is not enough. For the Chiefs to be able to beat good teams, which Houston and Indy most certainly are, They are going to need to be nearly flawless when they get the ball and if at all possible have the lead going into half time. The best way to remedy the poor defense is going to have to fall on the offense. They are going to have a slim margin for error. Mahomes will have to play close to perfect. Valuing the ball will be of the utmost importance. If the Chiefs have the ability to speed teams up they need to take advantage of that. Every point the Chiefs are up in the second half is just one more play the opposing team will have to score on, one more chance they might not have to ground and pound and run clock. Andy Reid needs to realize this is the situation. It’s going to be tough but not as hard as many will think. Take for consideration the fact that since Pat Mahomes has taken over as the full time starter the Chiefs have never lost a game by more than 7 points. The Chiefs margin for error is small but for them to lose it will take a near perfect plan and flawless execution from the opponent. On any given Sunday anything is possible of happening. I don’t think we have fully seen how good this Chiefs team can be yet, and by the seasons end we might be getting ready to witness something truly special.

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