Chiefs v. Texans Snap Counts

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Here’s a look at the snap counts from the Chiefs 31-24 loss against the Texans.

Here’s a look at the snap counts from the Chiefs 31-24 loss against the Texans.

Offense Snap Counts

M. RankinT58100%
A. ReiterC58100%
L. Duvernay-TardifG58100%
M. SchwartzT58100%
C. ErvingT58100%
P. MahomesQB58100%
T. KelceTE5697%
D. RobinsonWR5086%
B. PringleWR3459%
M. HardmanWR3255%
L. McCoyRB2950%
T. HillWR2950%
D. WilliamsRB2238%
D. ThomasWR814%
D. WilliamsRB712%
A. ShermanFB12%
D. YelderTE12%

Defense Snap Counts

T. MathieuSS92100%
B. NiemannLB9098%
C. WardCB8289%
J. ThornhillFS8087%
D. WilsonLB8087%
D. NnadiDT7683%
B. BreelandCB6975%
A. OkaforDE6571%
F. ClarkDE6470%
K. SaundersDT5560%
D. LeeLB4549%
E. OgbahDE4448%
T. KpassagnonDE4043%
K. FullerCB3437%
M. ClaiborneCB3336%
T. McClainDT2628%
D. SorensenFS2224%
R. RaglandLB78%
R. FentonCB67%
J. LucasSS22%

Special Teams Snap Counts

M. RankinT522%
A. ReiterC522%
L. Duvernay-TardifG522%
M. SchwartzT522%
B. PringleWR14%
M. HardmanWR29%
B. BellTE1878%
D. ThomasWR1670%
D. WilliamsRB1148%
A. ShermanFB1878%
B. NiemannLB1357%
C. WardCB522%
D. NnadiDT522%
A. OkaforCB522%
D. LeeLB1357%
E. OgbahDE522%
T. KpassagnonDE522%
D. SorensenFS1878%
R. RaglandLB1043%
R. FentonCB1357%
J. LucasSS1774%
A. WattsSS1357%
D. ThompsonRB1148%
H. ButkerK1043%
J. WinchesterLS730%
D. ColquittPOSITION730%
S. WisniewskiG522%

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Anthony Sherman 1 offensive snap. Doesn’t Sherm block well? Doesn’t Sherm add pass protection? Why isn’t he being used to add extra blocking and protection? Mahomes can find a receiver with Kelce, Hill, Pringle/McCoy/Williams, Robinson out there, especially with an added second or two of protection and Williams/McCoy can work with an extra blocker in the backfield to get through the line to the 2nd level. Does this not work for some reason?


Run defense is always going to be a problem if Niemann is playing tat much. I like Niemann but he’s not a run stuffer.


Wow, Darwin didn’t get a single snap? Whose Cheerios did he piss in?


Everybody wants to Bag on the Hyde For Rankin Deal … Rankin just Played 100% of our Offensive Snaps … We Took an Under Performing ( For Us ) Surplus RB & Turned him into a Reliable 2nd Stringer Ironman O-Lineman Forced into a Starting Role Due to Injury … Yannknow … What He’s SUPPOSED to Be …


Whos bagging on getting rid of hyde? McCoy is better than Hyde.


Fact per ESPN a few minutes ago:
* Texans ran 92 offensive plays (NFL avg is 63)…………92
* in the entire 2nd half – Chiefs offensive was on the field for only a total of FIVE – NFL minutes. FIVE minutes, let that sink in.

* ANY defensive will be exhausted (I’m not making excuses for TACKLING)
* this is what happens when Andy continues to call – deep pass routes (just pick up the 1st down) – RUN the ball

* SPAGS how is this D – worse than Bob Sutton? (Do you think Greg Williams or Rex Ryan would have this D playing better than 31st ranked, might be 32nd ranked……with the same talent = YES.)
* Do you think either D coach would allow Andy to PASS, PASS, PASS….with little to no regard for the D players?

But, it is – what it is

Still holding onto 13-3 (+/-) one game prediction
This THURSDAY – looking forward to Supporting OUR – CHIEFS in Denver


comment image


These Donkey games suck to go to when we lose and they are going to run the ball down our throats all day.


Feel free to join

2 massive tailgate parties
Parking lot M
Parking lot V