I apologize to you, Anthony Stratton.

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This used to be me.  Yes, this guy.  Last season ended, and this was me, outside of Arrowhead, screaming for Bob Sutton’s head on a platter.

We had one of the best offenses in history.  We had the NFL MVP.  But that defense….it was God awful and it was ALL Bob Sutton’s fault.  The season ended and I needed a scapegoat to feel better about myself.  Time to get rid of Bob. But…Bob had a loyal fan.  A steady, un-movable rock of a supporter.  The bearded wonder, founder of AG himself…aka Tony.  While I wondered in amazement at his ability to help get a fledgling website off the ground with a community full of outcasts….I scoffed at his blind loyalty to Bob Sutton who fielded a defense that couldn’t stop anything.

Fast forward to now….Bob Sutton is gone.  We have several new starters on defense and a new defensive coordinator.  All should be well in Chiefs Kingdom, because well, nothing can be worse than a Bob Sutton defense, right?

Enter Spags new and improved Chiefs defense:

Sigh.  Yep.  It’s even worse.  We suck even more at stopping the run.  I don’t remember the last time we’ve even made an opposing QB even a little bit nervous.  Dare I say it….maybe I miss Bob Sutton.  Maybe Tony was right.  Maybe we should be careful what we wish for, especially when we’re so quick to grab the pitchforks.

I’m sorry Tony.  6 weeks in…and you were right all along.


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Bob Sutton sucks. Just because Spags sucks isn’t evidence that Sutton should have stayed. It’s just evidence that Reid picked the wrong Defensive Coordinator….again. It’s also evidence that someone else should hire the next Defensive Coordinator.


Bob sutton sucked. but that doesnt change the fact that Spags is currently sucking.


Totally disagree. Bob Sutton totally sucked. He never adjusted, stuck with veterans even though they were performing terribly. He was a dinosaur that got too comfortable in his “my way or the highway” mentality. He needed to go. In fact he needed to go a season or two before he did. Just because the current DC sucks doesn’t make Sutton a good DC in retrospect. It just means Spags isn’t great either. I wasn’t impressed with the Spags hire, although, I do find it a little harsh to judge him not even one year into a new system. I don’t know how much input he has on the players they keep or trade away so I’m not sure if he’s been hobbled by personnel decisions made by Veach or his own bad judgement. So far, the defense is soft and plays with reactionary timidness that just won’t cut it. Spags needs to grow a set and then transplant it to his defense.

Anthony Stratton

Its all good my man. Bob Sutton wasn’t anything special, but I don’t think the problems last year were his fault.


Right there with you.