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Saturday O/T: Relocation Part 3 – How St. Louis Lost the Rams

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A while back I mentioned how occasionally there’s just not that much to talk about for the open threads, and during those occasions I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about a subject I’m passionate about but doesn’t get a lot of attention, which is relocation.

Here are the posts so far:

Part 1 – Why Teams Relocate

Part 2 – How St. Louis Got the Rams

Last time I went over how the Rams ended up in St. Louis, and the numerous mistakes St. Louis made in the process. The sum of these mistakes is that St. Louis went from having a team with a long history who wanted to stay there to a team who would be willing to leave at the first opportunity and had the ability to do so.

This is because of a very specific clause in the lease that St. Louis offered to the Rams. This clause is the reason the Rams are back in Los Angeles now.

No not that kind of clause.

St. Louis promised the Rams that the Edward Jones Dome would be among the top 25% of stadiums in the NFL for the next 30 years, and if this wasn’t met and St. Louis refused to pay for the necessary renovations then the Rams would essentially get permission to leave whenever they wanted (more on this in a bit).

There was one big problem with this (other than it being horrifically stupid). The Edward Jones Dome failed to meet this criteria as soon as it was built. The Rams under the ownership of Georgia Frontiere decided to waive it in exchange for a bit of cash when it first came due in 2005, but Stan Kroenke wasn’t going to have any of it when it came due again in 2013.

At this point St. Louis once again started making mistake after mistake that would ultimately cost them an NFL team.

Mistake #4 – Waiting Too Long to Start on a New Stadium

Since Kroenke decided to use this provision to its maximum advantage, it set in motion a series of events that were basically a complicated way of giving St. Louis the finger.

To keep it simple, both St. Louis and the Rams would submit renovation plans to an arbitrator, then the arbitrator would decide which one would fulfill the requirements of the lease. Naturally the Rams proposed a very expensive renovation plan, while St. Louis proposed a very cheap one.

And to the surprise of nobody, the arbitrator decided on the Rams’ plan. From St. Louis’ perspective, however, their plan was completely untenable. They would be spending enough money to build an entirely new stadium just to extend the lease 10 years.

The only hope they had of keeping the Rams was to build that entirely new stadium.

Naturally since this was so obvious from the beginning, St. Louis immediately jumped into action to start planning how to fund and build a new stadium to keep the Rams.

Except no, they never did.

Then Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was the one to step in and appoint a stadium task force, and this was in November of 2014. Because St. Louis failed to uphold their end of the lease, the Rams would get a series of 1-year options on the Edward Jones Dome (essentially giving them permission to leave) starting in 2015.

That’s right, despite knowing that they would need to build a new stadium for years (even before 2013, you could argue as far back as 2008 or even earlier), they waited until literally 2 months before the Rams would be allowed to leave to even start looking in to it. And even then they didn’t even do it, they had to have the governor do it!

Considering how late to the game they were, and how difficult the task of funding a new stadium was (a topic I’ll cover next topic), they actually got pretty close. But they were $100 million short, and the funding they did have wasn’t enough, so the NFL allowed the Rams to relocate to Los Angeles.

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Very heavy for its time. This band’s first bootleg was a cover of Black Sabbath’s first two albums in their entirety, and they allegedly practiced their craft by playing Sabbath songs, both live and in the studio.

While this isn’t a Sabbath song, it’s still phenomenal – and very very heavy for 1970, but I said that already.

For those curious, here’s this band playing Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” live in 1970. Apologies for sound quality; bootlegging wasn’t that good back then.

In other news, Mrs. Nasrani and I just had dinner with a couple of friends of ours from Azerbaijan. Great food with great friends.

We had plov (the Azeri word for “pilaf”): meat (tasted like beef) baked in a crust with rice (some of which was colored with turmeric) and apricots/raisins. The dried fruit within gave it an unexpected sweet taste. Two types of salad were also offered and then Azerbaijani black tea to top it all off.


Like a mid east pasty instead of mid west.


Wild are looking to get their first win of the season at their home opener. I hope the Pens cooperate, but I don’t expect it.


The sharks finally got a win on Thursday. But unless our goalies stop giving up 5 goals a game, I’m not hopeful for many more in the near future.


Bet they wouldn’t mind getting Alex Stalock between the pipes. He ain’t elite, but he pretty solid and plays aggressively.


I’d take anyone not named Jones or Dell.


At least you have an identifiable issue. The Wild have plenty of talent, but it seems disjointed and short on cohesion. What the solution is, I don’t know, but I hope Boudreau does.


I can’t wait until the Rams descend into the world of suck again and LA loses yet another franchise because, really, nobody in LA gives a fuck unless they are front-runners.
They probably don’t win the division and may not be a wild-card unless the NFC West sends three.
What does this have to do with St. Louis? Nothing.
See the Arizona Cardinals. I’m old enough to remember Jim Hart.