Short Order: Seared Bay(less) Scallops

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BRAG takes a shot at hot take artist Skip Bayless’ latest misguided Chiefs take.

So, Skip Bayless opined on a video that the Chiefs have “too much talent”, so egos will inevitably ‘break’ the team. This been pretty clear for a while, but this makes it undeniable that he makes ridiculous claims to drive ratings, not from any expertise regarding football.

And if anyone missed* why his claim about egos is ridiculous, I’ll refer y’all to the volume of words from the WR corps about each other. There’s a unity of purpose and camaraderie there that egos can’t fracture. It’s something special, like we have something special going here at AG. They got something special going, know it, and are going to do all they can to keep it going. *Doubt anyone will, but just in case.

You don’t see this in team sports very often. In fact, I’d say very rarely, but Alex Smith set the stage for it to happen, he’s as selfless and unselfish as they come, and Patrick Mahomes took what was there and acted as the catalyst to make it happen. They all know that he doesn’t play favorites, and if they’re getting open they will get the ball. Then they will win as a team, and that knowledge is enough. This isn’t a team that will fracture if it takes a bad beat. They’re far too resilient for that.

It’s a brotherhood out there, and one with a singular focus. I have little to base my guess on and I’m going off my subconscious, but my guess is that their focus is getting Andy Reid a ring. Yes, the fans and the Hunt family, too, but if they get Andy a ring, the others will also be accomplished. So at the core of it, I think they want it most for Coach Reid, for Andy.

And that, my friends, is how Skippy has demonstrated his cluelessness and quite possibly desperation, because there’s no other way to forecast doom and gloom for the KC Offense. There just isn’t, not when we have several key pieces returning in the near future. Or maybe it’s just a scripted position and he’s basically acting, which ain’t much improvement.

I mean, check it out: here he’s trying to cast Mahomes’ sideline speech in Detroit as selfishness on Patrick’s part. Seriously?!? His scallops deserve to be seared for that level of intentional ignorance. Someone get Hochuli on the phone so the infraction can be explained in detail.

I’d repeat the joke about his skill at making Sharpe look good, but instead I’ll give Shannon credit for being able to see a tree by daylight and getting on the Mahomes train. He might not be right about anything else, but he knows an elite QB when he sees one.

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Shannon is a lot smarter than he looks and I’m convinced Skip is paid to be a contrarian.


So about all that Pistol Pete stuff? Water-Pistol Pete…Junior


Being compared to Skip Bayless is worst possible insult in an interwebz argument.

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