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This isn’t going to have any pretty pictures because I went to that abomination of a game last night and then worked today.  It’s also going to go against the grain of what most people are saying about the Chiefs right now.  So…


The thesis here is that the main thing the Chiefs need to do going forward is to keep Patrick Mahomes’ jersey clean.  Not stop the run.  Not trade for a cornerback.  Not fire Brett Veach.  As long as #15 is healthy the Chiefs have a fighting chance in any game.  If Mahomes goes down, they’re fucked.

There is wailing and gnashing of teeth over the time of possession in the Indy game and the defense’s inability to stop the run.  But the Athletic’s Time’s Ours podcast (highly recommended and the Monday editions are available for free) pointed out today that, discounting the kneeldown at the end of the first half, the Chiefs had nine possessions in last night’s game.  Their average for the first four games was 10.25.  That’s within the margin of error given the sample size.  The problem wasn’t that the Colts kept the ball away from the Chiefs.   The problem is that the Chiefs did exactly nothing with the ball when they had it.  Their average points per possession in the first four games was (approximately–the fraction may be off) 3.3.  Last night it was 1.4.  The offense scored 13 points.

Before training camp started everyone knew the defense was being totally rebuilt.  Everyone acknowledged that the defense wasn’t going to carry this team.  That is still true.

The. Defense. Is. Not. Going. To. Carry. This. Team.

Last night the offense sucked.  The defense wasn’t great, but they only gave up 19 points.  The Colts scored one touchdown.  Their longest play from scrimmage was a pass interference call.  They ran a ton (two pass attempts in the second half) but only averaged four yards per carry.  But the Chiefs didn’t score when they got the ball, so it wasn’t enough.  So what needs to happen to get the offense back to supporting us in the manner to which we have become accustomed?

  1.  Protect Mahomes–Cam Erving is not a starting left tackle.  Eric Fisher isn’t elite, but he’s a huge upgrade over Erving.  He needs to get healthy ASAP.
  2.  Protect Mahomes–In the meantime,  Andy Reid needs to call more plays to slow down the pass rush.  Not runs on second and 20, but screens, picks/rubs, and shallow crossers to get the ball out quickly.
  3.  Protect Mahomes–I don’t know how much time Wylie will miss, but it may be time to give Jeff Allen a call.
  4.  Work on ball security–As long as punching the ball out continues to work, opponents are going to continue to emphasize it.  This is coachable.  Fix it.
  5. Get Hill and Watkins healthy–Robinson, Hardman, and Pringle are a great 3-4-5 group of wide receivers.  As a 1-2-3 they leave something to be desired.  With both Hill and Watkins out the Colts were able to double mug Kelce all game long last night.  And speaking of Kelce…
  6.  Travis Kelce needs to get his head right–He had some bad drops and worse penalties last night.  I was sitting next to a former professional athlete (hockey, not football, but still) at the game last night and he remarked that Kelce didn’t show any control of his emotions from the moment he ran onto the field.  The blowup with Eric Bieniemy just confirms that.  And finally…
  7.  As much as I love the red on red uniforms, they need to go–The Chiefs are 5-5 in games that they wear all red.  It looks cool, but while I’m not superstitious, I’m a little bit stitious.  No more unless it’s for a mandatory Thursday Night Color Rush because the alternative would be all yellow and God help me I just couldn’t look at that for 3 1/2 hours.

So there’s my Monday Night Rant.  Convince me I’m wrong.

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I agree. Good analysis.


the red on red never made me excited. it looked more like pajamas.

white on white with red socks, now thats a menacing look.

regardless, red on red needs to go.


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I was laughed at and belittled (through counseling and a judicious application of Bert’s to the scrotal area I am managing to cope with the mental anguish) for suggesting that it might be worth our time to use a rather high pick for interior OL. Im not looking near as stupid now am I?
For the next 15 years protecting Mahomes is job #1. How do you think Brady is still upright? They prioritize OL and DL. Its the right way to build a team, from the inside out


Good thoughts in here (save for the red-on-red stition). I think save the red-on-red for once every 2-3 years though. Same with the all-whites. The white pants/white jersey with red socks/unders is a good combo.

  • Veach should already be on the phone with Jeff Allen’s agent.
  • That Shady fumble could have been the difference. Fumbled inside the 15 – we could have been going up 17-10 at that point.
  • It’s true the denfese only gave up 19 points. They weren’t the real problem. I’m worried how they’ll fare when they come up against a team that can actaully air it out though. See the Texans this week.

Shady has been holding the ball a little too freely, and this was coming. hope the team has realized this and will take care of it.


McCoy has done that his whole career. He averages less than 1 fumble per 100 carries. That fumble Sunday he had the ball tucked away pretty well. He has never been a fumbler. That shit happens sometimes. It sucks but it does. JC 25 was a much worse fumbler


i agree JC was a worse fumbler. but McCoys ball holding leaves something desired. I have seen few games of him playing for Philly, and to my recollection, he wasnt a fumbler.. i just hope as he is aging, his ball holding doesnt make him vulnerable to more fumbles


You’re not. He is the linchpin. Without him, there is only darkness.
I do not love the red/red. Of all the combos we have, the last choice for me. At home, please stick to the classic. On the road, toss in the white/white with the white/red.


Nice post! Keeping Mahomes clean is the number 1 priority, it has to start with investing in the O-line. But I also think what maximizes our chances to win is that we beef up our D-line and get a decent LB and a corner. I think if we put in some Alex Smith calls, it should help with making the defense rush heavy every single play.


Well stated.