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Tailgating in the parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium before a Chiefs home game: I imagine the only thing better for a Chiefs fan, apart from watching our team win a Vince, is to be in the stadium watching the game and losing vocal chords. On Sunday evening, October 27 of this year I will no longer have to imagine such a thrill: a friend and I have tickets to the game against the Packers. Now that the tickets, flights and hotel booking are set, we’re starting to figure out the details. I’ve already requested suggestions for a bbq dinner destination in the comments of today’s Morning Huddle and, as always, AGers have chimed in with helpful info. So now it is about the tailgating.

My only experience going to NFL games was back in the nineteen-eighties when a group of friends drove from Ontario to see a Michigan game on Saturday (I got to see Elvis Grbac play against the Maryland Terrapins) then a Lions game on Sunday at the old Pontiac Silverdome. The first time we simply headed straight into the Silverdome and continued drinking. The second year we hung out in the parking lot and met some good folks, played some touch-football and continued drinking. That was then, this is now and this is ARROWHEAD! So I’m looking for information on tailgating at Arrowhead.

Does AG have a regular tailgating site? It would be great to meet AGers and I’m wondering whether there is a specific parking lot site where AGers gather. Is there a designated tailgating section in the stadium parking lot or do people just set up their grill and chairs wherever they’re parked. The Packers game being a Sunday night game what time would tailgating get going? I’m going to want to spend time inside the stadium visiting the exhibits and displays before the game so I’ll need to save time for that (next on my to-do list is read up on the stadium exhibits and sights and if any of you have suggestions on this it would also be appreciated,) but I’m wondering whether tailgaters gather for the entire afternoon before an evening game. Those of you who are regular participants will know any other details that might be helpful.

It is unlikely I am the only Chiefs fan with these questions so this fan post might serve for all who are coming to a game at Arrowhead from out of town and parts distant, especially for those like me where this is a first visit. I’m already jumping out of my shoes with excitement at the prospect of finally seeing the Chiefs in person at Arrowhead, I may need to tie an anvil to myself to stay grounded on game day. Any information you Chiefs guys and gals have about tailgating will make it an even better experience so thank you for your comments and hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you. GO CHIEFS!


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My First Trip to ” Mecca ” I stayed @ one of the Hotels @ the Edge of the Lot ( Adams Mark ? ) & Walked in ( Empty Handed ) w/ My Wife … First I Noticed ” The Purple Haze ” Of BBQ Smoke hanging over the Lot like a Soft, Warm Blanket & Second after Kissing My Wife I explained to a Group that it was looking on that this was Our First Visit to Arrowhead in spite of 40+ years Fandom … We Were Promptly Handed Beers & a Brats w/ a Face Splitting Smile of Welcome … It Truly is a Brotherhood & a Life Changing Experience …

PS : We Beat the Bills in OT as Time Expired on a Santos FG … And There was Much Rejoicing Throughout The Kingdom ! … : )

zulu trader
zulu trader

Arthur Bryant’s Brooklyn Ave. location .. . . KC BBQ history and culture, with great food..Finest example of KC BBQ in the city

zulu trader
zulu trader

just now figuring out that you live in the middle of no where ( West central Ontario ). That explains a lot, Sydenham!

Have a great time at the game, and enjoy our city, and thanks for being an AG’er and contributing like you do

zulu trader
zulu trader

So, why do Canadians like to do ‘it’ doggie-style?

so they can watch hockey together!


I went to Arrowhead for the first time last weekend. I’m not sure about AGers but tailgating is everywhere, in every lot. There is a specific tailgate section that is sponsored by Ford. It has live music, $5 beers and food to purchase. If you don’t know anyone, I’d suggest that. Or as many mentioned to me, just show up with some beer on offer and you’ll meet people that way. Everyone is super cool and friendly. I felt like I was home amongst my people.

Tailgating is on as soon as the gates open. You can follow Arrowhead Stadium on twitter for announcements. Or download the Kansas City Chiefs app. It constantly updates on game day with info and supports mobile tickets. I was confused about timing but they put it out that the gates would open at 7:30am on Sunday for tailgating. This was for a 12:00pm game. So, 4.5 hours before the game. And they kept updating the weather conditions.

Also if you’re worried about rain like I was, they have $5 clear ponchos and $20 red Chiefs ponchos for sale at every Chiefs shop/stand in arrowhead. There is a sports merchandise store in Country Club Plaza that has everything Chiefs you can imagine.

And I hit Joe’s first thing from the Airport. Tried Jack Stack and Q39. Joe’s is the best. I’ll be hitting more BBQ on my next visit as I was limited on time. If anyone saw a dude rolling in an Anthony Sherman “Sausage” shirt. That was me. Unfortunately, I got BBQ sauce all over it after the game, and it doesn’t appear to coming out. Don’t wear white in Kansas City while eating barbecue. 🙁

You’re gonna have a blast! Arrowhead rocks!


The merchandise store in the Plaza is called Rally House.