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Time to get HYPE for the game, its Red Friday Chiefs Kingdom!!!

The Chiefs ravaged the Raiders in the very last showdown in the Oakland Coliseum, beating them 28-10. By doing that, the Chiefs officially closed the door on that stadium by winning the very first meeting in 1960 and the last in 2019, with the Chiefs holding the all time record there at 22 wins and 20 losses. Feel free to remind Raider fans as necessary.

Adam: With that dominate win over the Raiders the Chiefs now set their sights on the 1st place AFC North team, the Baltimore Ravens.

The Chiefs Vs The Ravens!

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Adam: We can’t talk about this week’s game without bringing up the last match up. We all remember that game.

The Raven’s brought a tough, well schemed defense to Arrowhead and took it to the Chiefs O-line and Mahomes. Mahomes was hit numerous times and faced pressure all day. Had the Ravens offense been even average they would have likely won that game. To say that it should give everyone at least a bit of pause when looking at this Sunday.

Dave: Dolphins and Cardinals and Ravens, oh my!

I’m not a scientist, but I am about to coin a term here called the “Factoring in All Known Equivalencies (FAKE) Factor” (that actually may already be a term, that shit sounds smart as hell).

For example, if I stand next to Brad Pitt, I’m an absolute “4” on a good day. But, if I stand next to, say, Steve Buscemi, suddenly I look a whole lot better. I have a feeling you already know where I’m going with this …

The Baltimore Fakin’s played a Miami team that spends more time finding a way to lose than Wile E. Coyote. The Dolphins are basically Dave Chappelle’s “Tyrone”:

Seriously, if you’re a fantasy football player, you already know to play any position from any team that’s playing the Dolphins. It’s that bad. Hell, even Derek Carr would put up more than one touchdown against that franchise this year …

They also beat a Cardinals team that employs a quarterback who has to strap phone books under his feet to see over his offensive line. Arizona should dedicate a tight end to carry Kyler Murray piggy-back style every snap so he can scan the field better.

With all that said, I believe the FAKE Factor is strong with Baltimore.

Lead running back Lamar Jackson made some good throws against some bad awful terrible Bob-Sutton-esque defenses, but I’ve also seen Ryan Fitzpatrick shred some decent defenses to the tune of 5 touchdowns before going full “Pick-patrick” in subsequent games. So forgive me if the phrase ‘what if Jackson shreds our secondary’ hasn’t crossed my mind.

Now, from a ground-game perspective, Baltimore may cause a few headaches. Mark Ingram is no slouch, and while their offensive line isn’t great in pass protection, they are stellar when it comes to run blocking. They are basically the anti-Cam Erving.

There is never a defense that I am concerned with when it comes to the Chiefs offense. We’ve plucked and cooked the Ravens before, and I have no problem believing that we will do it once again. Baltimore has made some additions to their defensive squad — namely Earl Thomas — but with as much as our skill players are going to boil that man his name may as well be Earl Grey.

I have respect for Mark Ingram. I do. As the teams’ #2 RB I do fear him a bit. However, Tyrann Matthieu posed a good defensive strategy: clog the line and make Jackson throw the ball. If Spagnuolo can implement the kind of defense we brought him here to design, then we should be able to re-write what Edgar Allen Poe once said:

“And I quote the Raven(s): never score.”

But, as always, when the day looks darkest, we have a Mahomes:

Mahomes sees your near-win and raises you a victory.

Adam: Dave, I totally thought that Tyrone jab was going other places. Places like the unemployment line

But anyways…

When Reid was asked about Lamar Jackson last season and this is what he had to say.

“Lamar, he gives you – he can run like a running back, he’s as fast as a wide receiver, and he can throw like a son of a gun, like a quarterback, so that’s a pretty good combination to have.”

While Andy is never not going to say nice things about players he did mention that last part and I think that was on purpose. As a coach that coached Michael Vick, Lamar’s comp, Andy sure knows what that kind of challenge that can be to defend.

Oh and since I’m on the Mike Vick train for a second, Andy’s Offensive Coordinator for Vick’s time in Philly was Marty Mornhinweg. We shouldn’t be surprised with the success the Ravens have had with Jackson. They will try to do with Jackson what they did with Vick. The chiefs will need to keep their eyes peeled.

Still... Harbaugh is 1-3 all time against Reid. The Ravens defeated Reid’s Philadelphia Eagles in 2008, but lost to Philadelphia in 2012 and Kansas City in 2015 and 2018. Reid is still a tough out for all of his coaching proteges and that should give some comfort to the Kingdom.

What to Watch for

  • Cam Erving, everything Cam Erving does, we need him to ball out
  • Chiefs front 7 stopping the run
  • Spags plan for limiting Hollywood Brown
  • Will we see Darwin Thompson get some touches this week
  • Mecole came up big last week,look for it again.
  • Mahomes ankle progress, is he mobile
  • Frank Clark’s first real sack as a Chief

4 Keys to the Game

  1.  Chiefs Defenders shutting the run game down of Baltimore.
  2. Chiefs O-Line covering the stunts and zone blitzes that are coming.
  3. Winning the Turnover Battle.
  4. Chiefs getting a lead early. 

Potential Prop Bets

In every game, amongst friends, you can always make some small wagers on the outcomes of the likelihood of certain things occurring. Here’s some fun ideas to play around with:

  1. Earl Thomas claims to stop the Chiefs big plays (O/U: 6)
  2. Earl Thomas actually stopping the Chiefs big plays (O/U: 1)
  3. Odds a new decibel record is set after Mahomes 5th touchdown (O/U: 142.2)
  4. Likelihood we break yet another team for the rest of the year (O/U: 8)
  5. Kansas City remains undefeated (O/U: 3 – 0)

How to watch and Listen

Game Time

September 22nd, 12:00 PM Arrowhead Time


Loudest place on Earth, Arrowhead Stadium KC, MO

TV Coverage: 

Locally on KCTV5 41 KSHB, NFL Network, CBS


Chiefs FOX Football Radio Network KCFX (101.1 FM)

Live Stream: 

NFL Game PassFuboTV, Chiefs Mobile App, Hulu

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Team Player
Team Player

TV coverage: pre and postgame on 41 but the game’s on 5. That’s a NFL/network deal

zulu trader
zulu trader

#1; I’ll take the Under — I think he remains quiet

Mean Girls Friday GIF by Rowdy the Roadrunner - Find & Share on GIPHY

Team Player
Team Player

He’s already sounded off a couple times.


I’m traveling to KC and Arrowhead for the first time this weekend. Can’t wait! I’m wondering where I might procure a red poncho, if its going to be raining. Me and Mrs. Chefs are figuring on doing the Ford tailgate thing since we don’t know anyone. Is that any good?

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed

They sell ponchos at the stadium. However, you will be soaked on the walk from your car to the concourse.


Do any local stores have them to pick up? We’re near Country Club Plaza. Also, I know its gonna be loud. Is it like ear piercing loud? Would you recommend ear plugs?

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed

I have never worn earplugs, but if you are worried bring them. Use them if you think it is too loud or keep them in your pocket if you don’t.

Usually crummy weather makes it not as loud as it can be.

I am not from KC, but I know there are a chain of stores called the Rally House that has everything Chiefs related you could want.


That’s exactly the kind of store I’m looking for. Thank you so much.


I’d only bring earplugs for a kid with sensory issues. Otherwise, enjoy the full experience.

Team Player
Team Player

“Hi! We are from out of state, finally getting to see the Chiefs at Arrowhead! Anyone want a beer?”

Guaranteed to get you good food and probably new friends.


Exactly. Bring a rolling cooler and bring people beer for food. Maybe they won’t even want your beer, and they’ll still give you food!


This sounds like a winning strategy.


Noted. Thanks!


Over/Under on how many time Fouts says something about Seattle being louder than Arrowhead?
Over/Under on how many time Fouts claims that Jackson is better than Mahomes?

Tony Sommer

My biggest complaint with him is how often he gets basic facts wrong. If he states a verifiable fact during a broadcast there’s a 70% chance it’s incorrect.


It really does seem like the quality of announcers has just deteriorated over time. I actually didn’t mine listening to Troy and Joe last night for the first time in forever just due to what we have been listening to so far on Chiefs broadcasts.


I dont know, I enjoy Romo. I REALLY enjoyed him in the 2nd quarter when he would begin to say what HE would do and then Mahomes would launch it downfield for a big gain/Touchdown and Romo would just go “oh.”


I friggen loved that! Especially as Romo was so willing to just laugh at it and say “Or you can just score!”

Eze chief kingdom
Eze chief kingdom

yea 3rd and 20 tony was like yea trying to get some yards to make a manageable FG attempt
Mahomes then throws 40 yard TD. then later the raiders had a third and long and he goes well unless your the chiefs your trying to get some yards back.


I like Romo, myself. He had the whole prediction schtick going last year, and when the Big Reid Machine kept spoiling them he took it in good humor. In a sense he reminds me of Dandy Don Meredith, in that he seems to be enjoying himself rather than being so dead serious the way most approach calling games. Green and Gannon are also a bit like that, but not to the extent that Romo has it.

The network broadcast teams could use a few more Rex Hudlers in their ranks, that’s for sure.


What to watch for in my house- that sweet ass drum deck. I hope Arrowhead is freaking rocking.


Jamaal Charles is on the drum deck right?


I wish he was on the field taking a few handoffs from #15!

zulu trader
zulu trader

Kansas City Nfl GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Oh God Jam. He would have been a certain first ballot HoF with Pat as his QB.

Tony Sommer

The Ravens are the FAKEst team ever. Let’s all be impressed when they beat two cupcake teams.


Researching for our picks article I was actually really surprised. The Athletic redid their website now and when I click on my Chiefs feed, it shows a bunch of stats about them/the NFL. You can look at things like passing/rushing yards for/against. Looked up both stats for the Ravens previous opponents and it’s bad. Like really bad. Both of them are 27th or worse in both categories.


Is that super unexpected though? I mean, we all know about Miami. And if I remember correctly, those Cardinals were the worst team in the NFL last year, which is the only reason they have Kyler Murray.


Yeah but I had no idea they were that bad. You’d think that the Cards would’ve upgraded just a little bit (outside Murray). But to act like he’s beaten great teams is a stretch.


#15 shoes go on sale on Sunday.
I normally buy cheap azz shoes —- Sunday plan on buying a pair

Wear them to Thursday NITE: Chiefs @ Bronco game

The lifestyle shoes ($150) feature a white base with black and gold trim and MVP across the top in black. The heel is emblazoned with Mahomes’ autograph and his No. 15.
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Mitko – nicely done on the Podcast you posted this morning! Nice to hear Chiefs podcast……instead of listening to Broncos radio, while in rush hour traffic.

Keep it up!