The Credit List: Week 2 Raiders

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Every week Arrowhead Guys plays the Credit List or the Blame Game. We’re giving out props today.

Every week we either play The Blame Game or post the Credit List, depending on the outcome of the game. Following their owning of Oakland, we go straight to The Credit List.

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It’s pretty easy how this works. We list the five people most deserving of the credit for this win. As always, readers are encouraged to play along, but you must follow the rules (we have rules here?). You get to choose five, and only five, people who deserve the most credit for the victory and must list them in order. I will list them in order from least to most credit, finishing last with the single person I believe is most responsible for the result of the game. Jump to the comments and do the same. Just remember: rules.

Now, without any further blabbering, let’s get to it.

Travis Kelce:

Travis Kelce had himself another great offensive performance pulling in 7 catches for 107 yards and a score.

Bashaud Breeland:

Bashaud Breeland was my dark horse candidate on defense to ball out, and he showed up big against the Raiders leading the team in tackles with 8 and recording the 1st interception of the day in the endzone, effectively ending any chance the Raiders had of getting back into the game.

Steve Spagnuolo:

You’d be hard pressed to convince anyone by the end of the 1st quarter you were concerned with the defense. After giving up 10 points early Spags unit locked down the Raiders offense and reminder Derek Carr that he’s Derek Carr.

Demarcus Robinson:

Last week it was Sammy Watkins blowing up in Tyreek Hill’s absence. This week is was Demarcus Robinson. Did anyone see this coming? Robinson caught 6 passes on 6 targets for 172 yards and two scores averaging 29 yards per catch along the way.

Patrick Mahomes:

As noted last week, the Credit List is likely to be “Mahomes and 4 Dudes” on any given week. So here he is.

While he appeared to be off his game early he bounced back and turned in an entire game’s performance in the 2nd quarter alone, becoming the 1st Chiefs quarterback in history to throw for 4 touchdowns in a single quarter.

Who are the Top 5 on your Credit List?

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“Mahomes and 4 Dudes” indeed, but let’s see Clark stick his nose in here.


5.Mike Mayock
4.Jon Gruden
3.Mark Davis
2.Andy Reid
1.John Dorsey


I think your list implies the Raiders lost the game more than the Chiefs won it…I’m not sure I agree. The Raiders didn’t play horribly (outside of a couple Carr moments), the Chiefs simply put a whoopin’ on them in the second quarter.


# 5 Jon Gruden – pretty predictable offense and ridiculous defensive plan – let Mahomes throw deep
# 4 Derek Carr – The balls he showed diving for the first down marker were sucked into his vagina as he whined at the end of the game
# 3 DRob – With an assist from Sammy, go ahead double our number one receiver
# 2 Spags – He made adjustments – unlike Bend don’t Break Bob – he made adjustments
# 1 Mahomes – Nothing rattled him – Wonder how Alex might have done without a running game


I alter the rules a bit. I’m limiting myself to the players only.

#5 – A little curveball from me. Sammy Watkins. Hear me out. His play last week forced the Raiders to gameplan specifically to take him away which allowed the other receivers to be open a lot. (I won’t whine if you put Breeland here instead, I probably should, but I want to be different!)
#4 – Kelce
#3 – Chris Jones had the sack and was blowing people up all day. Had that huge run stuff on the first drive to force a FG.
#2 – DROB – had a career best day day
#1 – 2nd quarter Mahomes Magic


When can we start talking about replacing Colquitt? His punts were not good on Sunday. Seems like hes still around because of sentimental reasons more than performance. Then again why punt?


Bit early to can the guy Reid called a “placekicker whisperer”. Two games proves little, and if he under-performs over the course of the season, they may well consider it, but they won’t dump him mid-season unless he slumps hard. So to answer your question more briefly, after the postseason at the earliest.


He holds a mean ball for buttkicker


Missed opportunity to say he holds Butkers balls

Eze chief kingdom
Eze chief kingdom

ill go with:
#1 mahomes- hes had a nice game
#2 D-rob had a career game
#3 spags- after the first 2 drives the D adjusted and forced multiple punts back to back and got Turnovers when they needed
#4 Reid- some great play designs in big moments I remember a 3rd and medium chiefs had 4 wide and recognized man coverage. Williams was the back and immediately before the snaps sprints behind mahomes to the wide side of the field the two WR create traffic after the snap and the MLB even sprinting his balls off cant make it over in time. first down.
#5 erving- I assumed after ervings first snap when he gave up the run stuff I assumed he was going to be little more than a speed bump the whole game. least in pass pro he was an anchor no penalties and no sacks and not many pressures I can remember


The Raider TD drive was predicated on a very ugly looking pass by Carr. That because it was so bad the Honey Badger gave up an equally ugly PI that resulted in moving the Raiders into range. I don’t think they get a TD without the call may be another FG but that would even be in question. Even on the FG drive, the Radier O wasn’t dominating, if anything our D came up huge hitting them in the mouth on 3rd and short forcing the FG. Our D is playing rather well in my opinion. Of course, the steller AG film study may prove me full of BS.


Could be wrong but I do not think it was Honey Badger’s man. He sprinted into position and, it appeared to me, he intentionally committed the penalty – better a penalty than a TD catch.


I gotta give the online a spot this week. Mahomes had plenty of time for most of the day and the raiders were trying to apply pressure and take away the underneath stuff. Can’t fault the run game as the raiders were all playing up close to the line.


“You’d be hard pressed to convince anyone by the end of the 1st quarter you were concerned with the defense.”

did you perhaps mean:
“You’d be hard pressed to convince anyone by the end of the 1st quarter you were NOT concerned with the defense.”

or maybe I’m just reading it wrong


this was ny first thought as well …


Mahomes is my #1.
Spags is my #4.
Andy Reid is my #2.
Breeland is my #5.
DLine is my #3.

Screw your rules.


Breeland was really solid tackling. Complete 180 from Peters. Toughness from your little guys is contagious.


Andy Reid: his play design is no joke