Tony’s Picks: Week 2

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Tony tells you where to put your money for this week’s NFL games.

Picks have returned for the 2019 season, but this time instead of picking against the spread I’m going to simply pick the winner and loser of each game.

Last week: 10-5-1

Overall: 10-5-1

This week: 16-0

Panthers over Buccaneers

The Panthers are better and are at home, and easy pick.

49ers over Bengals

San Fransisco isn’t good, but the Bengals are even worse.

Chargers over Lions

The Chargers almost lost to the Colts at home, so maybe the Lions can actually pull off the win at home. Probably not, but we can dream.

Packers over Vikings

The Packers look like they have a good defense this year, which should be scary for the rest of the NFL. Or maybe Trubisky is just that bad, which should be scary for the city of Chicago.

Titans over Colts

I watched the Titans-Browns game, since I had the Browns as one of the top teams in the AFC and need to know whether to abandon them. The blowout had two main causes, penalties (mostly holding) and Mayfield’s poor play.

As far as the Titans are concerned I wouldn’t read too much into it. They’re a good team, but I’m not ready to declare them a great team. Even so, they’re better than the Colts, who are going to struggle to get to .500.

Patriots over Dolphins

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an 18.5 point road favorite in the NFL before. Vegas usually gives 3 points for home field, so they’re saying the Patriots would be favored by 24.5 in New England! Just absurd.

The Patriots are obviously a lot better, and will almost certainly win, but don’t be surprised if the game is closer than expected. The Patriots have a long history of struggling in Miami.

Bills over Giants

I’ve been on the Bills bandwagon (well, relatively speaking) since last year, so I was happy they pulled out the win despite their best efforts to lose last week. This week they’re facing an even worse New York City team, so they should win this week as well.

Steelers over Seahawks

Both teams had disappointing a week 1, but I’m a bit more willing to dismiss Pittsburgh’s loss since they were on the road against a good team rather than nearly losing at home to a bad team.

Cowboys over Redskins

I felt the Cowboys were really underrated coming into this year (something I never thought I’d say), and so far they have proven the doubters wrong. They’ll get off to a 2-0 start by beating the Redskins in Washington.

Ravens over Cardinals

The Ravens must have the easiest first two games of any team in the NFL. While I still don’t think they’re very good, the Cardinals looked like a dumpster fire for most of their first game. The Ravens will win again.

Texans over Jaguars

It’s like nobody watched the Jaguars play last week, because the Texans are 9 point favorites even though Minshew played well. I have these teams as roughly equal, but the Texans are at home so they’re the pick. Just don’t be surprised if the Jaguars win.

Bears over Broncos

In a week where seemingly every half decent quarterback did well, the Bears and Broncos had terrible outings from their signal callers. The Bears have a lot more talent on their team though, so they should win easily.

Rams over Saints

Both won close games in week 1 over quality opponents, and I rank them roughly equally, so the edge goes to the home team.

Falcons over Eagles

I thought the Falcons were underrated and the Eagles overrated coming into the year, and in week 1 the Eagles at least seemed to prove me right. The Falcons did extremely poorly against the Vikings, but I’m holding out hope that it was just a fluke.

Browns over Jets

As mentioned above, the biggest contribution to the Browns’ shocking loss was penalties. The fact that they were competitive at all despite them shows how good they can be. It was only when Mayfield started throwing picks that the Titans were able to pull away.

A lot of people had concerns over their offensive line, which could be why they had so many holding penalties, so it will be something to keep an eye on. The Jets are much worse than the Titans though, so the Browns should be able to win.

Of course right as I finish writing this I see that Darnold will be out with mono. It doesn’t change the pick, but makes it more of a must win for Cleveland. If they can’t win this game then there’s little hope of doing much in the playoffs.

Chiefs over Raiders

The last game the Chiefs will ever play in Oakland, and they should win easily even with a hobbled Mahomes and no Hill.

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Titans… yeah, they are still good. Not great, but good.
Browns a top team in the AFC? Nah. They aren’t even a top team in their division.
You thought the Cowboys were UNDER-rated? Holy fuck man, what planet do you live on?


I know y’all hate the Broncos, as it should be.
I also know a bit about wagering NFL football, which means my prediction means about as much as yours, unless you’ve been doing it forty plus years..,

The Broncos are going to SMOKE the Bears.


I might be funding the concrete foundation for my new garage on this game.


btw, where did fistrockbone go?
Jail? He certainly had opinions about how the Jags shouldn’t be disrespected last year, I was hoping for his opinion this year. I guess I’m not privy to his new alias.


I don’t know the details, but I think Papa Tony said he had some RL issues to deal with. Hope everything is good with him

The Chiefinator
The Chiefinator

The way Flacco looked on Monday, he will bot move the ball on Chicago, Trubisky looked lost as well – 10-3 Chicago on a pick 6.


The Browns shitting is not a surprise. What is their coaching staff like….who does Baker have to mentor him….serious question?!….who is their QB coach? People have completely underestimated good leadership….the Browns don’t got it…Dorsey is a really good talent evaluator, but he doesn’t coach…and didn’t choose a good one when he was able! Browns are who we thought they were! Regardless of they beat the Jets…..


This is the Browns best chance to win a game before week five, and Simien is the dude to break their heart.
Can’t believe how many people buy into this Browns team.
Freddie Kitchens? Really?


Tony, what do you think about playing Stafford over Mayfield in FF?


I know no one wants to touch it , but I would take Miami +19.5 against NE. It is at home , Miami isn’t that bad(bad but not the worst team ever) and I don’t believe Bellechick would embarrass someone he had high regards for . Plus I get 20 points if I am Miami. That is my money bet of the week
Pats 30
Miami 14
Miami covers


You don’t “know” that. What a presumptuous mf’er. How much did you put down on it?

The Chiefinator
The Chiefinator

Even is the front office not trying to tank, which they do, the players believe they trying to tank and the whole thing can unravel quicly,
If the players still buying into this season you might be right but if it started sbowballing…


Have to take the Texans. We’ve crushed Jacksonville’s soul … again.


Bucs because Im real smart and foretell the future past. 49ers, Chargers, Vikings, Colts, Pats, Bills, Seahawks, Redskins, Ravens, Jaguars, Bears, Saints, Eagles, Browns, Chiefs.

I know nobody cares but that would be my selection if I was a betting man, which Im not so no skin in the game

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

I care. Well no I dont but I dont care about Tony’s predictions either and I still read them. It’s not so much about care as it is about a little entertainment. I read the article for some entertainment same reason I read (and post) the comments.

Dave B.
Dave B.

Most people just pick the winner… Tony picks the winner and the loser.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Twice as likely to be right….. and wrong

Dave B.
Dave B.

And guaranteed to be wrong if it’s a tie.


This week: 16-0

The Bucs say hi!

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Well as long as the chiefs go 1-0 this weekend I’ll be happy. But if we can have a chargers and broncos loss it’s even more better. Add the 49ers (better pick for us) and ravens (just dont like them) to the loss column and I’ll be giddy.




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