Chop Talk With Tony and Dave: Uncut! Chiefs/Jags Recap, Dave’s Browns and Chiefs/Raiders Preview

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Arrowhead Guys (finally) launch their podcast, listen to Chop Talk with Tony and Dave within.

Back again for another boring day at work? Plug in your headset and let Tony and Dave entertain you on a whatever the eff day this is!

After much editing…and even more editing…Arrowhead Guys is pleased to announced they finally have another recording of Dave and Tony talking that lasts less than an hour. If not already, hop on twitter and give @Dave (his twitter handle sucks BTW) and @Tony a good ole follow.

The Arrowhead Guys Podcast Page can be found here and you can subscibe via the iStore, Google Play and Spotify.

Click here to access Chop Talk Ep 7, or keep scrolling and listen right here at Arrowhead Guys.

Warning: This episode is a little more “Mature Language” as Dave and I are starting to settle in with just being ourselves. So while fun, listen with headphones if you are at work. Obviously.

Chop Talk With Tony and Dave

Welcome to the Episode 7 of Chop Talk with Dave and Tony: Uncut! We recorded the episode in its entirety with no editing, one shot through. we also drank heavily beforehand. We can not be held responsible for the content of this podcast. We recap the Chiefs/Jaguars game, the AFC West, discuss Dave’s Browns, preview the upcoming game against the Raiders before hitting the mailbag.

0:19 Introduction

1:18 Chiefs Vs Jaguars Recap

15:30 AFC West Recap

27:14 We Visit Dave’s Browns

30:15 Chiefs Vs Raiders Preview

47:15 Mailbag

1:15:17 Chop Talk Signing Off

Tell us what you think about the show! What would you like to hear next week?

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Helpful Criticism Offered :

I think if you went back & Tallied , The Least Amount of Responses to recurrent Format Offerings in order of Least Appreciated / Responded to – Most You’d Find :

Any Pod Cast Format
Anything Twitter Response / Usage Required
Anytime Bert’s gets the dead Horse Treatment
Anytime an Obscure,Crappy Alcoholic Beverage is “Rated ”
Anytime You are Hawking AG Merch

On the Plus Side :
The Morning Huddle
Anything by Nate Christiansen
Anything by Daniel Harms
Breaking News
About Town Reviews of Events & Eateries

Just My 2 Cents as an AG Vet Looking to see the Product Prosper … Not Meant To be Hurtful & Maybe Better communicated in Private ,but as a fan of the : “Hey , We’re All Adults Here ” Mindset , I Figured we could discuss or Dismiss this in an open format … Peace


Ouch, not a fan of Thirsty Thursdays?

/sad panda


Sorry Man , How about critiquing something Palatable ? … John Wick’s Blanton’s or Jim Beam Vs Jack Daniels … You Know Something we might actually Buy … I gotta feel it’d be a Win- Win For You ( & Your Liver ) …Hell Most ” Flu Shots ” Cost about the same , You Might as well Enjoy the Investment ! , Skol ! … : )


Think you got the cart before the horse, Chef. IIRC Dave’s hobby was trying new boozes, so he turned it into a column because others might be interested in learning about what they were like. You think Dave’s a gourmet and connoisseur kinda guy?

And some extra buttered noodles, please.


To Me it seems like he actively researches “Drek” No sane consumer would try anyhow … Seems like a waste of a perfectly good Liver & Our Time to read About it , Aside from spurious comic relief … As you get Older, You Learn Life’s Too Short to Drink Crappy Booze I Guess … He doesn’t have to Drink Top Shelf ( But Then Again , In the Name of ” Research ” Why Not ? ) … Mebbe include One Nip of ” Rot Gut ” now & then while tasting what’s New or Value Based Off Labels …


I like it. I told you a while back it has inspired me to try some new drinks and now I have a new whiskey I like; Bird Dog blended whiskey. It’s like maple syrup that burns going down. 🙂

Dave picks Ginger FTW!comment image

zulu trader
zulu trader

I like Thirsty Thursday — I’m a fan

Marijuana Grinder GIF by WeedFeed - Find & Share on GIPHY


Green that!




If you’re equating appreciation with comments, I submit that there has to be an expectation adjustment. For example, a podcast isn’t an interactive format the way a post from Dan or Nate. That doesn’t lend itself to drawing comments, and if the general expectation’s ‘no comment conversations’, folks are much less likely to comment in the first place, since responses are unlikely.

The opposite of that are the game day open threads, which last game ballparked in at about 300 comments/quarter. The actual content provided is minimal, because comments/conversation are the expectation. As for the merch, folks seem to treat that as a semi-interactive TV commercial, where it’s mostly questions about size/availability and discussion of the design(s), with a sprinkling of ideas for other merch. So viewed pragmatically, the comments there are worth a lot more than face value due to the customer service and “PR” expectations.


And probably just as well that my stuff didn’t make the list, perhaps because it’s that my comments are mini-posts at times and I haven’t been able to write for a while.
(For better or worse, that’ll be coming back. Take whatever precautions you feel are necessary.)


All Good … I’m not here to crap on anyone’s efforts , Seeing as My Content Addition Totals Exactly 0 , Other than Comments & the Occasional GIF / Attempt at Humor … Just Voicing an Opinion or Two ,” Callin’ ’em as I See ’em ” in a hope to speak up for the similarly minded & Providing some Feedback Way Points for the Steerage Committee … : )

( & Your Content RE: Travels About Town / The Sub Visit & Short Notes of Local History are , While tangential to the Chiefs , do flesh out what Locals & Visitors Alike can experience on visits to ” Mecca ” … : )


Valid Points , Including Game Day Threads being Consumer & Not Content Driven Threads …


Just to be clear, I welcome your criticism (painful as your TT hate is, haha). Any and all thoughts are free to express!

We started doing the podcasts because there were requests for them. In time they will hopefully catch on to a larger audience. If not, no harm no foul.

But this allows us to reach out to a larger sphere on multiple platforms. It’s all in its infancy. For you, consider it the toddler phase — you may dislike it from time to time, but always remember you love us.

And we love you ?


Thank You … & One of those Up Votes is from Me … : )