The Kansas Shady Chiefs

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W.A. Watts reacts to the addition of LeSean McCoy to the Chiefs after Sunday’s performance.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the team to beat in the National Football League. Sure, the New England Patriots are the defending champs. Teams like New Orleans, Atlanta, Green Bay, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Seattle and both L.A organizations are fun, but there isn’t a squad in the bunch that can compete with what Kansas City has cooking for Sunday afternoons this fall with a little dash of extra Shady.

The Chiefs already have the high octane offense, they already have the league MVP. They have Zeus and the Cheetah (who will be healthy for the stretch run) and they have the best pair of bookend tackles in the NFL. They have the most gifted fullback in the league, they have the best punter and one of the most talented young kickers in the game. They have Andy Reid calling the plays and they have the best 12th man on Earth. What more can you possibly ask for? 1-0? Got that too! The Kansas Shady Chiefs? Let’s roll!

A few months ago, if you would have said “Let’s add LeSean McCoy to the Kansas City Chiefs”, I probably would have told you that you’re crazier than offseason Chargers fan expectations. Seriously, I would have laughed and told you that was never, ever going to happen. Then I would have slammed an offseason beer and forgot about the entire incident as the Meh-Burger with cheese that hawt taek is. Shady to the Chiefs? Why? How? Shut the Andy Heck up.

Nevertheless, the most daunting offense in the NFL has done it. They added one of the most consistent backs the league has had this side of Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore. LeSean McCoy, running back from PITT. A shifty 5’11” power house running back that can do it all. A running back that has done it all, 10,000+ yards rushing, 69 touchdowns, 3,500+ yards receiving, with another 15 touchdowns with those yards. His production speaks for itself, he’s a Hall of Fame NFL player just waiting for his time to be enshrined. Now he’s 93 total yards closer after the Chiefs 40-ounce’d the Jaguars on Sunday.

What better way to go out than with Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs on their way to the Super Bowl this season? There is no better way. Even though the idea would have been asinine to suggest months ago. Now, it’s leaving a film in my mouth from drooling about the possibilities after watching him slowly pick up the Chiefs offense this past weekend. Shady is a one of a kind back that does everything well. He can run with the ball, he can make guys miss, he can catch, he can block and he knows how to find the end zone in the NFL; so well that he’s been there 84 times since he was drafted in 2009.

All offseason I was worried about the Chiefs running game. Now, the fear has died down a little bit as the Chiefs collectively rushed for 113 yards and a TOUCHDOWN, Kan-sas City! against one of the more physical teams in the NFL. It’s true the Mahomes injury moment was scary and that the Cheetah is sidelined for a few games. However, with LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce and D-Will out their pulling their weight, the Chiefs will get it figured out as Reid and company rush their way to a Super Bowl victory for the Kansas Shady Chiefs!

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“BuT HEs wAsHEd uP aND oLd”

Yeah he really looked it on Sunday ?


Fooled me. I thought it might be a bad signing but he’s looking amazing out there. I guess I’ll allow him to wear #25 as long as he keeps looking so good.

zulu trader
zulu trader

Shady. He’s all that and a bag of chips


No need to throw Shade at Pringle.


Anybody going to tell him?
“out their pulling their weight”