Chiefs Rooting Rankings: Week 2

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Arrowhead Guys tells you who to root for this week!

Have you ever been sitting around on a Sunday after the Chiefs have pulled off yet another victory, watching a game between the Lions and the Cardinals and wondering who you should root for?

Then today’s your lucky day!

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In this series we’ll go through the games each week and explain, from a Chiefs fan perspective, who you should and shouldn’t root for and which games are the most important.

If you want to know how I determine the rankings, or why not every game is included, see the explanation here.


1: Lions over Chargers

Unfortunately, the Chargers managed to squeak out a win in overtime against the Colts to keep pace in the division, and they should also be able to win yet again in Detroit over the Lions. But hopefully they won’t, so use your favorite mojo here.

2: Dolphins over Patriots

You could argue this should be number one, since the Patriots will likely be a bigger threat, but I have the philosophy that we should focus on winning the division first then worry about seeding. Unlike the Patriots, the Chiefs don’t have the luxury of having the rest of their division filled with cupcakes.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins are very unlikely to win. If they somehow do it it would be one of the biggest upsets ever, but we will root for them anyway. And who knows, the Patriots have a history of struggling in Miami.

3: Seahawks over Steelers

It’s hard to know what to make of the AFC North right now. In week 1 only the Ravens looked impressive, but anybody who’s watched the NFL knows that a single game can be deceiving. For now the Steelers should be considered a bigger threat than the Ravens given their more consistent history, so this game gets the higher ranking.

4: Cardinals over Ravens

I’m not a believer in the Ravens yet, but it would still be nice if the Cardinals could crush their spirits. Stranger things have happened.

5: Jets over Browns

Even with the bad loss in week 1 the Browns should still be considered a bigger threat than the Jets. Even if the Jets turn out to be pretty good they are unlikely to win their division, which means they won’t impact the Chiefs. Time to take the Dawgs to Obedience School.

6: Colts over Titans

The Titans had a very impressive week 1 win in Cleveland and have a real chance to compete for the AFC South title. The Colts did a bit better than expected in Los Angeles, but ultimately fell short. The Titans are clearly the bigger threat.

7: Jaguars over Texans

This is a hard one to judge, since both teams could be good, but as of now the Texans are better positioned to win the division, and the Chiefs have the tie breaker over the Jaguars, so the Chiefs would be better served with the Texans getting the loss.

8: Bears over Broncos

Now we’re getting to the games that don’t matter much. The Broncos looked pathetic against the Raiders in Oakland, and while they’re not completely dead yet, it would be a big shock if they came back to win the division. You could even argue we’d be better served with them winning to boost our strength of schedule.

8: Giants over Bills

Like the Jets, the Bills are unlikely to win the division even if they turn out to be pretty good. So what they do doesn’t impact the Chiefs much, but NFC over AFC.

8: 49ers over Bengals

The Bengals looked competitive in Seattle, but I still thing they’ll be near the bottom of the AFC by the end of the year. But still, root for the 49ers just in case (plus it hurts the tie breakers for the AFC North).

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I’m actually going to be rooting for the Jets and Bills on the off chance the Patriots melt down. If one them make the playoffs I would love to face them there.


Let’s face it, there are really only three teams that have a solid chance of winning the Super Bowl this year:

The Chiefs
The NFL team from Missouri
The NFL team from Kansas City

I know which team of those three choices I think it will be.


Cheat sheet:

1. Root for the chiefs
1. root against AFC west teams
2. Root against the good AFC teams
3. Root for NFC teams

Done deal.


Strong disagree on Steelers relative to the other teams in their division. Sure, week 1 caveat plus on the road at NE and all but they didn’t look strong last season, they no longer have a true #1 receiver, Ben is old (and not aging gracefully like TB), and their idea of improving their secondary was adding a guy who we let walk from our dumpster fire of a secondary.

Honestly the Bengals might be better than the Steelers. Tomlin might not be coaching them next year.


I’d be shocked if Tomlin is back next year.


I would maybe give him the first year after Roethlisberger retires, but yeah, they’re due a rebuild.


I wouldn’t write off the Steelers quite yet. Ben hardly played in the preseason, so I don’t know if he’s done. The guy’s only 37 and he threw for 5000 yards last season– I think losing Brown is gonna be a bigger deal than they thought.


I’m 37 and this is the first year I’ve really felt older. And I haven’t been sacked more times than any QB in league history (big Ben will be by year end)


And this is why I love games like the one tonight. There really isnt a rooting interest at all, can just enjoy football and hope for a good competitive game

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Sure except what the hell do I say when my kids ask me , “Who we going for Daddy?”


Whichever uniforms they like the most?

Mink Farmer
Mink Farmer

Given that we hold the 49ers 2nd round pick, I’m rooting against them unless it’s late in the season against a team truly competing with the Chiefs for playoff positioning.


I root against them just on general principle.


I would argue (perhaps erroneously) that even if a game featuring an AFC West team doesn’t matter, you still root against that AFC West team, and that way we can win our division more soundly.


if we win all our games, it won’t matter what anybody else in the division does, they will all have at least 2 losses.


I dont root for the Donkeys unless they are playing the cheatriots


even then I pull for an asteroid to hit the stadium. lol