Should we “not rush to judgement” on Antonio Brown?

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I don’t know about you, but this whole Antonio Brown saga just keeps getting crazier and crazier. If any fanbase has a legitimate claim at experience with rushing to judgement it is our own. Over the summer we all witnessed the Tyreek Hill story play out. Many of us overreacted, some stayed neutral, and others seemed to know something fishy was already in the air. Regardless, Chiefs Kingdom learned a valuable lesson.

Now with Antonio Brown and the Patriots, are we to use the Tyreek model and “not rush to judgement?” As time slowly ticks by, more and more Patriots fans are eating the words they typed all summer in regards to the Chiefs and Tyreek Hill.

Weekly it seems that AB dominates the story and headlines, so I doubt the “timing” of this lawsuit is anything, but it makes one wonder as a Chiefs fan should we just let it all play out? Does anyone think AB actually did this? Is this just a convenient money grab by the former personal trainer?

For me I am going to take the lesson I learned this summer and just wait to see how it all plays out, but in the end no matter what happens, be thankful we do not employ Antonio Brown.

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we should wait indeed.

tbh though, there is an avalanche of negative stories coming out about Brown. some were reported previously (now re-reported) and some are new.

but it just paints a picture of AB being a person who doesnt treat his consultants fairly.

mr chief
mr chief

The only thing i know is he is a racist .


Yep. Some folks claim he didn’t say it.


We should hold off until all the facts are in, because weve seen this story play out multiple times each way, BUT we should absolutely give Patriots fans all the shit and call them out on their extreme hypocrisy


The sane rational side of me says to wait and see and the emotional fan side of me says FUCK him and the Pats, I’ll let you know later who wins.


ays FUCK him and the Pats

This is where I am at. Even more today after finding out they are just letting him practice and not saying anything about it. Owner gets Asian slaves, Starter on defense busted for coke, now your shiny new WR has these allegations, and yet their franchise gets a free pass?


But we are the team that signs scumbags.