Week 2 Power Rankings

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The official Arrowhead Guys NFL Power Rankings.

These rankings are based on how good the team is right now, so teams that were good but lost key players won’t get credit for those wins.

1: Kansas City Chiefs
2: New England Patriots

Overreaction to bump up the Patriots so much after one game? Maybe, but it also has to do with the Antonio Brown signing. There’s a chance he blows up in their face, but I have a sinking feeling that he won’t be as crazy now that he got what he wanted

3: Green Bay Packers
4: Los Angeles Rams
5: Los Angeles Chargers
6: New Orleans Saints

Not a whole lot that would make me change my mind about any of these teams. You could say they all should have won by more, but a win is a win.

7: Jacksonville Jaguars
8: Houston Texans
9: Chicago Bears

Congratulations to the Jaguars, Texans, and Bears on failing upwards. They all rise in the power rankings despite losing since they lost close games to really good teams.

Well, close relatively speaking for the Jaguars. I think they’ll find that losing by 14 to the Chiefs is nothing to be ashamed of, and Minshew looks competent enough to hold down the fort until Foles gets back, so I’m not too worried about them.

10: Cleveland Browns
11: Atlanta Falcons

12: Pittsburgh Steelers

This group also lost in worse fashion, but I haven’t given up hope yet. The Browns lost by a closer margin than the score indicated, and the Falcons and Steelers may have simply been the victims of bad matchups. But they’re all on notice. They need to win or risk dropping in the all-important power rankings.

13: Carolina Panthers
14: Dallas Cowboys
15: Seattle Seahawks
16: Philadelphia Eagles

17: Tennessee Titans
18: Buffalo Bills
19: Minnesota Vikings

These teams mostly performed as expected, so they all stay the same. The exception are the Titans, I’m not entirely sold on them yet, but they’re definitely primed to rise if they continue impressing.

20: Baltimore Ravens
21: Denver Broncos
22: San Francisco 49ers
23: New York Jets
24: Indianapolis Colts

Is Lamar Jackson for real? I don’t think so.

In other news the Colts had a moral victory in LA. Maybe they have some small amount of hope. And The Broncos lost to the Raiders, so maybe their small amount of hope was in vain.

25: Oakland Raiders
26: Cincinnati Bengals
27: Washington Redskins
28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

29: New York Giants
30: Detroit Lions
31: Arizona Cardinals
32: Miami Dolphins

Bad teams look bad, so not much change here. The Redskins and Bengals showed signs of life, at least, so they get to be the kings of crap mountain. The Raiders actually won (although it was only against the Broncos) so they move up as well.

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DEN @ 21 and OAK @ 25’s a bit of a head-scratcher to me. Neither team looked good last night, but Flacco managed to make Carr look semi-competent with the way he played. He looked positively wooden out there.


Miami at 30 because they lost.
Arizona & Detroit 31 & 32 because they couldnt win or lose is a better fit.


It’s hard to determine power rankings the first few weeks, if I am being honest to myself and impartial, I would put Patriots at number 1. I’m not happy with our pass rush against backup Tackles, which affected our secondary. The longer the QB has the ball, the more difficult it is for the secondary.

I believe it is a mistake to underestimate Tom Brady and the Patriots. When I look at power rankings all i care about is, who is better than the Chiefs, and what we have to do to get better.


Personally like Car as a top 10 team. They almost beat LA.

And LA would be higher after beating Car on the road


One important note: this second game against Jacksonville further solidifies the trend of Pat doing better in each successive matchup against a team.

Unfortunately the only exception to that so far is the second game he played against the Chargers last year.


And the Patriots unless you consider 87 3& outs to start the game better than a pick.


TBF, that 2nd game vs the Sparklers is skewed considering the refs jobbed that game for LA. I wouldnt put much stock in it.


Jacksonville at 7 is a bit of a homer ranking, don’t you think? I’d say they’re 13-15, and trending down severely with their QB situation.


Prisco’s ratings are trash but he rightly dropped Jacksonville 18 spots because they now have Uncle Rico as their starting QB


Thats not Uncle Rico. It’s the dude from Super Trooper. “We’re going to Mehico!!”


Yep. They are a five win team that just got pantsed in their own house, lost their QB, and their top pick LB threw a 2-year old’s fit.


Pats should probably be #1. They looked very solid on both sides of the ball. AB can only make them better, not worse. If he isn’t cooperating they’ll just bench/cut him. GB looked totally unprepared offensively, but so did Chicago. That is going to be a weird division this year.

Regardless, it’s week 1, so we still don’t have a great idea of who the teams really are. Especially teams that have new coaches/schemes.


The Putz were @ Home / Chiefs Away …


I thought your rankings were off in some big ways going into week 1 (crucially NE) but I’ll defend you not overreacting to week 1 and keeping your rankings somewhat consistent with those.

zulu trader
zulu trader

Whose rankings are these???


Packers at 3? Come on man!


Based solely on their defensive improvement and playing a QB much worse than Lamar Jackson, I suppose.

The Chargers had no right winning that ballgame, and the Browns were humiliated, including 18 penalties. They could be 1-4 if they manage a win in the next month.