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Here are the beginning of the season power rankings.  I should have put this out before the Packers-Bears game but better late than never.

  1. NE Patriots (0-0) They should be here until knocked off their pedestal.  AB will improve their offense for as long as he remains on the roster.
  2. KC Chiefs (0-0) Dee Ford and Bob Sutton kept us from the Super Bowl.  Mahomes is, by far, the best young quarterback in the NFL.
  3. NO Saints (0-0) Drew Brees will keep the Saints offense rolling and they should have been in the Super Bowl as well.
  4. LA Rams (0-0) I think Goff is overrated as he needs the talent around him to excel.  McVay got schooled by Belichek in the Super Bowl.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) They have talent but Carson Wentz might be entering Andrew Luck territory.  I believe it is a boom or bust year for him.
  6. Dallas Cowboys (0-0) – They have Zeke and a good defense.  If the offensive line is revived, they will be a solid team.  Dak brings them down instead of up.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0) Big Ben might be a rapist but he is still a huge talent and Ju Ju is the best receiver that the NFL does not talk about.  Brown and Bell gone is a plus, not a minus.
  8. LA Chargers (0-0) Injury bug and a holdout bring them down but with their pass rush and a scrappy Phillip Rivers will keep them in several games.
  9. Cleveland Browns (0-0) This is as far as I am willing to buy into the hype.  Baker could end up being the second best young quarterback in the NFL.  Head coach is a concern.
  10. JAX Jaguars (0-0) Two years ago, they dang near beat the Patriots with Blake Bortles.  They now have Foles, who is an upgrade, and could be a factor if they are able to run the ball.
  11. Carolina Panthers (0-0) If Cam is healthy, he and McCaffrey will be a tough combo.  With a consistent defense, they could be a tough team to beat.
  12. Atlanta Falcons (0-0) Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will make their offense run.  They have been trying for years to improve their defense.
  13. Minnesota Vikings (0-0) They are a solid overall team but they have Kirk Cousins – Alex Smith’s less flashy and more inconsistent brother.
  14. Green Bay Packers (1-0) Aaron Rodgers has Davonte Adams and an improved defense.  LaFleur and Rodgers will undoubtedly have it out before the end of the season.
  15. Chicago Bears (0-1) Their defense is top notch but Trubisky looks to be a nightmare.  He will have the occasional good stretch but will one read himself into oblivion if he does not improve.
  16. Denver Broncos (0-0) They have the foundation for another good defense but they will need to consistently run the ball to help Flacco who will have one bad game for each good game.
  17. Seattle Seahawks (0-0) Russell Wilson will have to have another fantastic year to keep the Seahawks around .500 cause they appear to be weak almost everywhere else.
  18. Baltimore Ravens (0-0) Lamar Jackson will run, run, run, and run and make one good pass for every three bad passes.  Their defense will have to battle to keep them around .500.
  19. Houston Texans (0-0) Watson needs to stay healthy as he is their game plan with Hopkins.  I expect to see some below average rushes to compensate.  Defense must come up big again.
  20. Tennessee Titans (0-0) Marty would make it to the playoffs with this run and defense team with a now fading Marcus Mariota.  This will be a make or break year for Mariota.
  21. TB Buccaneers (0-0) I expect Jameis Winston to do better this year but also expect to see a wildly inconsistent Bucs team as well.
  22. SF 49ers (0-0) Jimmy G has returned.  I believe this is a make or break year for him as well.  Did not have a great preseason and does not have the most talented team.
  23. Buffalo Bills (0-0) Bills will go as far as Josh Allen takes them.  He definitely has the physical tools so we will see how his mental game progresses.
  24. NY Jets (0-0) Jets will go as far as Sam Darnold takes them.  He does have LeVeon Bell to help but not sure how committed they are to Bell.  I think this is a lost franchise.
  25. NY Giants (0-0) They will run Barkley into the ground.  Eli Manning has seen his better days and I project that Daniel Jones will see the field before the end of the season.
  26. Detroit Lions (0-0) Stafford has plenty of talent but Patricia does not have a clue of how to run a franchise.  He will be back with New England next year.
  27. Oakland Raiders (0-0) They are actually better off without AB but that will not help in the win column.  Future Colts quarterback – Derek Carr – does not have respect in their locker room.
  28. Indianapolis Colts (0-0) I hope they have a good field goal kicker cause their offense under Jacoby Brissett will be inconsistent at best.
  29. Washington Redskins (0-0) The lesser Gruden brother (HA HA HA) has chosen Case Keenum to be the starter.  I wonder where the rehabbing Alex Smith will be traded to next year.
  30. Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) AJ Green needs to pull a Tony G and ask to be traded to a contender before the end of his career.  Andy Dalton will do just enough to keep being a starter.
  31. Miami Dolphins (0-0) How bad is Josh Rosen if he cannot beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick at this point in his career.  At least they have lots of draft picks to improve in the future.
  32. Arizona Cardinals (0-0) I like Kyler Murray but he will be confused, confounded, and killed by the NFL blitzers this year.  They need a veteran coach who knows how to protect a quarterback.

There is my first take for the season.  Hope I have a chance to update this as we move along with the season.  Where was I right and where was I wrong?  Let me know.

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halftime of MNF and Raiders up 14-0 with Carr looking good … bet he has some locker room respect now

also, I’m a put Saints, Chiefs and Pats top 3 … and even Mahomes needs talent around him to excel, and besides: Goff doesn’t have an Andy Reid to design plays


also, good stuff, thank you! 🙂


I think the Ravens will likely take a huge leap up this week, but will fall back to earth when they play a better team.

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed

I think the Lions and Texans are both about ten spots too low. I think both will make the playoffs.


Lions wont. Texans might, but Titans look better.

personally, i hoped Jags make it, but losing Foles would be tough. also, their defense is very very undisciplined.