Post Game: Chiefs Vs The Bungles

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As I sit down to write this post game review I turn on the TV to ESPN with the hopes of getting some Chiefs games high lights.  What is on is the ACL (American Cornhole League) 2019 championships.  Check the station.  Nope.  It is not the Ocho that I am watching.  ESPN is actually broadcasting the ACL Championships.  This is actually a thing.  Even worse there is a larger crowd than anything the San Angeles Chargers have been able to draw to a home game for the last two years.

In the pro doubles match, there seems to be a bit of drama.  One of the competitors has a sinus issue.  The opposing team is upset about this as it is apparently an advantage to have a sinus issue.  This may just be the Bert’s talking, but I can feel the tension between these two teams.  One of the teams consisted of a sixteen-year-old and a thirty-eight-year-old guy combining youth and skill with age and treachery.  The other team consisted of two middle aged guys.  The match came down to the wire with youth winning out.

Of course, you didn’t swing by to read about the drama unfolding during the ACL championships, just like I didn’t turn on ESPN to watch this, but damn…  The announcers made this matchup sound exciting.  Plus, they weren’t showing any Chiefs high lights.  With that said I fell back to my trusty DVR to scan for high lights.  Turns out that all I got was the end of game hand shake.  So let’s go with that.  Mahomes takes command even here.  Instead of the standard handshake and hug between quarter backs Mahomes does a high slap, shake and then pull into the hug.  He is just owning every aspect of the game now.

Since the DVR, and ESPN have both failed me I will just go off of memory for my review here.  Full disclosure.  I doubt very much of this will be accurate due to Bert’s.  But since this is expected of me to provide you, the reader with a good review of the game I will forge ahead.  Just keep in mind that I may be making some of this up as we go along.

And with the news I just got I just can’t.  RIP Billy.  I am so sorry that you won’t get to watch the Chiefs and text with me during the games this year. Chiefs Kingdom lost a good one on Friday.

Sorry folks.  This was going to be a good one.

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Re: ACL Championships. Back in my day “traveling the professional cornhole circuit” meant something completely different.


May your friend rest in peace and may comfort find you during this difficult time. A loss is always difficult, but especially a sudden loss.

I am here if you need to reach out – and the community is as well.


Sorry to hear about your friend.




Very sorry for your (and all of Chiefs kingdom’s) loss.


Can’t believe I missed the ACL championship! Also love “the Ocho” reference. I use it all the time, but no one gets it.


Its an actual thing now. Not just a Dodgeball reference. Better for people to be confused about that reference than for then to not know Im quoting the movie when I ask them “Is it necessary to drink my own urine? No but its sterile and I like the way it tastes.”

Mink Farmer
Mink Farmer

Damn, man. Sorry to hear it.