Chop Talk With Tony and Dave: Uncut! AG Meetups, Preseason Game 1 And Mailbag While Drinking

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Arrowhead Guys (finally) launch their podcast, listen to Chop Talk with Tony and Dave within.

Back again for another boring day at work? Plug in your headset and let Tony and Dave entertain you on a whatever the eff day this is!

After much editing…and even more editing…Arrowhead Guys is pleased to announced they finally have another recording of Dave and Tony talking that lasts less than an hour. If not already, hop on twitter and give @Dave (his twitter handle sucks BTW) and @Tony a good ole follow.

The Arrowhead Guys Podcast Page can be found here and you can subscibe via the iStore, Google Play and Spotify.

Click here to access Chop Talk Ep 6, or keep scrolling and listen right here at Arrowhead Guys.

Warning: This episode is a little more “Mature Language” as Dave and I are starting to settle in with just being ourselves. So while fun, listen with headphones if you are at work. Obviously.

Chop Talk With Tony and Dave

Welcome to the Episode 6 of Chop Talk with Dave and Tony: Uncut! We recorded the episode in its entirety with no editing, one shot through. we also drank heavily beforehand. We can not be held responsible for the content of this podcast. We discuss recent and upcoming AG meetups, the Chiefs preseason win over the Bengals, and answer mailbag questions after much imbibing. Now lets argue and shit!

0:19 Introduction

2:24 AG Meetups

9:46 Chiefs Vs Bengals

35:33 Mailbag

54:04 Outro

Tell us what you think about the show! What would you like to hear next week?

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Nice work on the PodCast…
listened to it in car- here in “fantastic” LA traffic

Any thoughts of uploading to YouTube as well?
To spread the Arrowhead Guys – cachet/reach to other Chiefs fans – globally 🙂


I think, eventually, but I’m not involved in much of that side of things haha


Tony and Dave make the customary traffic on the 405 seem less unbearable.


I will listen this evening when I finish work and hopefully all the sea shanties from a weekend sailing the Pacific have exited my head.

Yes, I missed a chiefs game to go sailing. But it is only preseason so I think that’s allowable.


Listened to it this morning and dang its funny! I almost feel like I know Tony’s mom!


Best stuff to listen to on my drive to work. Keep up the great work guys!