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This is an overreaction to our first preseason game.  That said, here we go.

Quarterbacks (3) – Patrick Mahomes, Chad Henne, Chase Litton – I think we keep three unless Litton is our injury candidate for this year since I believe that he would be snatched away if we try to put him on the practice squad.  We might try and move Kyle Shurmur for a seventh round draft pick.

Running Backs (4) – Damien Williams, Carlos Hyde, Darwin Thompson, Anthony Sherman – This works on the assumption that Williams returns soon.  Hyde appears to be a Reid favorite and Darwin Thompson impressed in his first game.  Darrel Williams will be cut unless he can somehow unseat Williams or Hyde.  We will practice squad him if he is eligible.  Josh Caldwell and Marcus Marshall will be gone as will Tremon Smith – Andy might like his speed but there is no room on the roster for him.

Tight Ends (2) – Travis Kelce, Blake Bell – We keep two here to add a position elsewhere.  Sherman will act as the third TE and we can roll out an extra offensive lineman for blocking.  Deon Yelder and John Lovett will be considered for the practice squad.  David Wells is gone – He will be joined by Jody Fortson and Nick Keizer.

Wide Receivers (7) – Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, DeMarcus Robinson, Mecole Hardman, Marcus Kemp, Byron Pringle, Jamal Custis – Tough choices and I believe the Chiefs keep an extra wide receiver on the roster to prepare for the future.  Hill, Watkins, and Hardman are no brainers.  DRob is trade bait but, without him, we have no veteran backup.  Kemp and Pringle make the roster due to special teams and Custis has the size and potential to be something special.  Gehrig Dieter would probably have to beat out Kemp to make the roster.  Cody Thompson is a victim of numbers.  He looks like a better receiver than Pringle but is not a return option.  We practice squad him if we have the chance.  Felton Davis, Rashard Davis, and Davon Grayson are too far down the depth chart.

Offensive Line (9) – Eric Fisher, Andrew Wylie, Austin Reiter, LDT, Mitchell Schwartz, Cam Erving, Nick Allegretti, Kahlil McKenzie, Jimmy Murray.  If we go with eight, Murray would be the odd man out but only if Allegretti shines as a backup center.  Ryan Hunter is a potential Murray replacement.  Abdul Beecham, Dino Boyd, Zack Golditch, Pace Murphy, and Chidi Okeke have no chance of staying.

Specialists (3) Harrison Butker, Dustin Colquitt, and James Winchester.  Jack Fox might make the practice squad.

That leaves 25 spots for defense.

Defensive line (9) Frank Clark, Chris Jones, Derrick Nnadi, Alex Okafor, Emanuel Ogbah, KPASS, Breeland Speaks, Khalen Saunders, Xavier Williams.  This leaves out Justin Hamilton, a personal favorite of mine, but he would have to beat out Xavier Williams.  I think the other spots are almost guaranteed.  Hunter Dimick, Cavon Walker, and Joey Ivie are gone.

Linebackers (7) Anthony Hitchens, Reggie Ragland, Damien Wilson, Darron Lee, Ben Niemann are roster locks, despite what our opinion of some of them might be.  I am giving the other two spots to Jeremiah Attaochu, for his pass rush ability, and DOD, cause I do not see the Chiefs giving up on him yet.  Raymond Davison, Darius Harris, D’Juan Hines, and Rob McCray would have to outplay DOD or Attaochu which I have yet to see.

Corners (5) Kendall Fuller, Bashaud Breeland, Charvarius Ward are locks.  Michael Hunter, D’Montre Wade, and Mark Fields are fighting for the last two spots.  I think we go with Hunter and Wade as Fields goes to the practice squad as does our draft pick, Rashad Fenton.  Once Mo Claiborne comes off the suspension list, Wade becomes expendable but we might keep six corners then.

Safeties (4) Tyrann Mathieu, Dirty Dan, Juan Thornhill, Armani Watts – Jordan Lucas is the wildcard and could beat out Watts or could be the fifth safety if we go with a smaller number elsewhere.  Harold Jones-Quartey, Herb Miller, Dakari Monroe, and Andrew Soroh are out.

Not much drama here as only a handful of name players are in danger of being cut.  We do have a deep roster.  Well, this is my take after the first preseason game.  What do you think?

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You need to do a new one of these. My thoughts-Joey Ivey flashed this week, he might sneak a spot. Hyde costs more to cut than to keep, so any fantasy of him being cut is just that. Kemp being hurt shakes up the WR quite a bit. I think they only keep 6 unless they plan on being open to a DRob trade. I doubt they are though, and I’m not sure he has any value anyway. Ragland continues to look like garbage. He would be a no brainer if they had ANYONE to replace him. I don’t know who they have tried there. They should have Hitch or Wilson playing MLB IMO.


I wouldn’t be upset if the whole cutting Caldwell thing was a strategy to ensure he makes it to the PS.


The RB competition will be rough. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept five (including Sherman) and went with two QB’s or six WR’s instead. I’m not a Hyde fan but he may be this year’s “WTF Andy” keeper. I’d like to see Caldwell make it since he’s from KC and played his college ball in Maryville, but unless he’s more than just a runner there’s no chance of that.


looks about right, for now … until things change, and they almost assuredly will


also, Toub usually has a few “favorites” and will keep a few that he likes as Special Teams guys … for a few guys, that will be the difference between making the roster and being cut


I don’t know the answer to this, which is why I’m asking: is keeping 7 LB a lot for a 4-3 D?

I’d like to see one of the other RBs replace Hyde: Caldwell (some bias in wanting him to make the roster), or the other Williams. Carlos Hyde look to have lost a step, He’s in his age 29 season (Sept. 20th) , which is old for a RB, and I don’t think a veteran is necessary at the RB position. Give the ball to the guys that still have tread on the tires.

I can see a 3rd TE making the roster, as I’m not sure the Chiefs know who is #2 and #3 right now.

Shurmur: I think Andy finds a way to keep him around. I can see him wanting to groom him for a spot on the coaching staff in the future whenever he decides to move on from playing, either in the next few years or 10 years.

Are both DoD and Tremon Smith, albeit recent draft picks by Veach, in danger of being cut? I thought DoD was supposed to be a ST beast if nothing else coming out of college, does his make the roster for ST only and last LB? Tremon Smith trade bait as a returner?


solid 1st take. Next two games and injuries will determine who is traded before final cuts. I think Dirty Dan will be gone one way or another, old and slow. Possible trade or flat out cut. Lucas signed 1 yr deal for has around $2M cap hit . I dont think Lucas and Dan both make the cut.

I think Veach will trade 3 players before season starts for future draft picks. Other teams will not want to take chance that cut player to clear waivers. My guess is Safety, WR and DL. Watch how much playing time and usage bubble players get in next game. Veach needs tape on bubble players to entice future draft.


Preseason Game 1 reaction

If you liked the player before the game, you still like him

If you didn’t like him before the game, you still don’t like him

Fan says player is about to be cut, fan says trade him cause draft picks. Even though pre-season trades are rare.

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed

I think we should only keep 2 qbs on the active roster and try to get one on the practice squad. That would allow us to carry 3 tight ends for sure.

Then I would cut Kemp from WR to carry an extra CB or safety. He disappears when used as a wr in the regular season so he is strictly a special teamer in my eyes. Give his roster spot to a weaker position group so we have more options with a chance to develop.


Andy ALWAYS keeps 3.


He didn’t last year.