A Chiefs fan reality or fiction

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Being in San Diego i get to listen to all the Rams and Chargers sports talk i can stomach. This morning they were discussing if the Chargers could actually get to the Super Bowl. I try and listen with an open mind so as i did this morning.

The takes from this discussion were that the Chargers ended the season with the tie breakers going to KC. The the Chargers team have more overall talent then they have had in many seasons with a ton of starters coming back of injuries. They gave the Chiefs credit but dont believe in the defense being that much better in just one year.

So i started thinking we as Chiefs fans believe that the team is gettting to the Super Bowl this year. Is that reality or just our fiction?

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it’s all fiction until it happens … that goes for every team in the league

that said, check out the link in the post I tossed up yesterday: https://arrowheadguys.com/2019/07/24/fanshot-alert/

in there is a link to a terrific Frank Schwab analysis of … you sitting down? … the Chargers (or course!)