so this guy is previewing the Chargers, telling the whole world why the Bolts are capable of winning it all (a fanshot from Ups)

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according to Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports, the Chargers are the #6 team in the league … you’ll see why I say that at the end of the page

meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s a good preview and I was going back and forth between abject glee at “the Chargers doing Chargers things” and oh-phuque-me reality check knowing that “the Chiefs tend to do Chiefs things” damn near as much as the Chargers

that said, I’m pretty firmly in “Chiefs really SHOULD be the qoute-unquote team to beat in the AFC” camp, but remember:  anything can happen and usually does

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Tony Sommer

I thought that article was very good and a fair assessment of where the Chargers are. They absolutely could be a great team, but as he’s pointed out, they always seem to be just short of being the best team.


We dont get the so called respect the Chargers do because lets face it they create more click bate in the market these news folks live in


2 things for me:
1, no way the Chargers just stop doing Charger things.
2, until proven otherwise, the Chiefs should be at the top of the AFC West discussion, we all know this.
I just don’t get the media’s hype train. Maybe it’s the LA Market and wanting those 40 million clicks.


Might be an element of sucking up to the League’s determination to make having two LA teams work. Wouldn’t necessarily be the primary element, more like a 2nd-3rd tier motivator, but a lot of those writers, etc. depend on a certain amount of League access, and once the herd started moving in that direction, that’s another motivator to go along.

I’ve said this before, but it’s been a while; major decisions generally have more than one element going on behind them, so you gotta be cautious about “finding the main reason” for a decision, as doing so can blind you to even the possibility that there’s more than one thing involved.


Chargers do chargers things. they become Dolts too often.

gutsy win over us? follow that up with a horrible loss to the Ravens.

win over the said Ravens in the playoffs? follow that up with NO adjustment to the Patriots. their propensity for choking and phoning it in is what prevents me from taking them seriously.


As a fan of the franchise from 1971 – 2017, you have summed up the team’s history since 1963. They do enough to make their fans think that THIS YEAR is going to finally be THE YEAR and then they f it up. You need to take them seriously during the regular season, but during the playoffs? Nah…