How do we hold media accountable?

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So listening to the Chiefs training camp interviews today i stated to reflect on what happened to Hill. This is not a discussion on if he is a good or bad father or if he is or isnt guilty of anything, that is left up to the experts.

What i am talking about is how as we fans hold those responsible for reporting sports news or any news to us accountable for telling the truth or lies as he or she sees fit. Social media has made it easy for reporters to just put whatever they want on the net with out editorial review and it has recently got a few new sources in trouble.

Personally i have chosen to not assume anything and let the facts and information play out before i try and make a informed educated decision. I feel like we as Chiefs fans have recently been put through the emotional ringer unjustly. Stick together as fans believe that in the end the truth will set us free and enjoy the coming football year.

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is how as we fans hold those responsible for reporting sports news

Flame them on social media is what seems to be the norm. Not saying that is either good or bad, but it is something that happens. Image in the Chiefs had cut Tyreek Hill, and then all the dust settled and we found out he might have been getting extorted? Do you think the folks at the Star or KCTV5 actually care so long as they are getting their clicks and ad revenue?