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Hello all from sunny San Diego, Ca. The Chiefs are basically demigods, football is a religion around my house and most houses that the great shadow of Arrowhead Stadium covers.

I was born in Kansas City and grew up in the heart of Kansas. My parents had season tickets dating all the way back to Municipal Stadium. Or seats in Arrowhead were at the 30 yard line 20 rows up. I grew up watching Steve Deberg throw footballs with a broken hand. Watched Derrick Thomas get the sack record, and heard the referee threaten the fans if we didn’t quiet down.

My household had a swear jar because of the Matt Cassel era. I hated Todd Haley with a passion only rivaled by my hate of the Raiders. My god was Tyler Thigpen bad.. I mean really really bad and our hope were for a short minute in the grasp of a kid who threw a football into a trash can haha.

I am passionate realist but now is our time to go for it all and enjoy the ride. We have the best QB in the league who for me is a morph of Brett Favres arm and Montana’s accuracy. We have the fastest WR group in the league along with the best TE in the NFL. We have gone from the outhouse to the penthouse and we better enjoy the time there because rent is not free and it wont last forever.

I look forward to getting to know the great Chiefs fans of this website and will be talking to you soon.


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Welcome aboard my friend! I’ve only ever been to one Chiefs game, but man it was fun. Looking forward to going back, once I get a bit more financial stability and back into Chiefs kingdom (I’m currently in exile).

You’ll mostly see me hanging out in the open threads posting terrible wordplay and nonsense, although I’ve been known to bring dancing Latinas/Arab women into the mix on Chiefs victory days. It caused a bit of a ruckus at the Abandoned Place, since people thought that we should only have east Asians, but then what doesn’t cause a ruckus over at the Abandoned Place nowadays?


Dude, good to hear from you. Nice intro


Also enjoyed going to the Chiefs/Chargers games when I was stationed in California. The Kingdom always represented. Welcome and look forward to hearing more from you!


Welcome to the site!


Thanks for the post! I would’ve loved to have season tickets to the Chiefs regardless of the era (although I would much prefer this season over the Cassel era lol). Haven’t been to a game since Houston broke the sack record. Ever since then it’s been other states and overseas for me but one day maybe I’ll get back!