Short Order: Comfort Food

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We all have our comfort foods, the go-to meals that just make you feel good, so today’s offering it a triplet of videos selected for that purpose. Check them out if you need a boost.

Today’s three courses are all in the line of comfort food, and for the appetizer, here’s a take from GMFB a while back. Things didn’t work out quite the way Kyle expected them to, but at least they weren’t picking the San Angeles Chargers to win the AFCW. Now the NFL is going to have to find a way to defend against the Legion of Zoom.

The entree’s a look back at the playoffs and the time we stomped the Texans into the dust. How can you help but feel satisfaction after watching this?

And last but not least, for dessert we have this preseason breakdown by Football Gameplan. They too were uncertain about Hill, but they see brightness in our future, and that feels good, too.

I hope those three are enough to get you to kick back in your recliner like it was Thanksgiving day, where you can snooze and dream about the upcoming season. I know that’s a good feeling, how about the rest of y’all? That’s what the comments are for, so let’s talk.

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Tony Sommer

I can’t wait until we have so many playoff wins that a wildcard victory from several years ago that led to nothing isn’t one of our biggest victories in recent memory.