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If you’re still up and want to talk Chiefs, or just hang with fellow citizens of the Kingdom, this is the place.

I got too deep into what I was doing, so late and bare bones.

Do what y’all do best, folks, I need a break.

With that, time’s yours.

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Wrote a response to the Pioli bashing thread w Pollard on the other thread that took forever so reposting it on new thread: dunno if this is true or not nor do I really care. I won’t defend Pioli’s management and personnel decisions while here but I’ll defend him as a decent man. I met him personally in 2009 at big Charlie’s in Philly before the chiefs game there. He was friendly and approachable and I had both a nice chat with him and got a shirt signed by him, a shirt that to this day is one of my primary game day shirts. A few days later I wrote a fanpost at some chiefs page that a frequented between 2008-2018 about my gf having a tumor. Pioli reached out to the nice gentleman that founded that particular sports page, who reached out to me. He called me personally during that gf’s surgery to wish us the best. Years later, after a player murdered the mother of his child and then took his own life in the Arrowhead parking lot, in front of Pioli and Crennel, I emailed him. I’ve had the experience in my life of knowing someone who committed a national headline grabbing murder, of having this nagging feeling that you could’ve said or done something different in a single conversation to maybe helped dig out a soul on the verge of snapping and maybe saved a life. Pioli emailed back a couple days later while on the plane with Jamaal heading to the funeral for that murdered woman since that same woman was Jamaal’s wife’s cousin. There were signs being flown over the stadium on game days calling for his job, all while dealing with watching a man he knew fall apart… he could’ve felt resentful against chiefs fans generally and passed on replying altogether. But he didn’t. Pioli took shit for being standoffish with local traditional media and they shaped a narrative that painted him the devil. But look at how the local media is treating friendly and accessible Andy Reid and Tyreek Hill, insulting a… Read more »

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4 more days till camp