Short Order: Mixed Grill of Prime Cuts, Fresh and Aged.

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Enjoy a little of this and a bit of that in this assortment of video clips.

If you’re thinking that today’s title is little more than an excuse to provide some video clips…go somewhere else while the rest of us enjoy them. I kid, I kid. Enjoy your time as you see fit. I won’t be adding comments here, because these bad boys speak for themselves. Grab a large popcorn and a fountain drink, because we’re pushing movie length run-time today.

So there you have it, a bit over two hours of Chiefs videos for you viewing enjoyment. Just don’t get caught watching at w*rk – unless your supervisor’s a rabid Chiefs fan, too.

How’s that hit you, Kingdom kindred? Does this rustle your jimmies or give you fangasms? Sound off in the comments. You know you want to.

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Prime cuts indeed. Great selection as ever, BRAG. Thanks for making my Saturday better.


Such a mixed bag watching last season. Highlight after highlight, magic is real, Pat is batman…but knowing how it is gonna end. Fucking Patriots.

Anthony Stratton

I got a really special saturday O/T wrapping up for you guys…I think you’re going to love it.

Stay tuned


I am so excited after watching the Mahomes video! He really has brought the fun back to KC football! Can’t wait for the season! The defense should all sit down together and watch that video. How would you love to play defense for this team this year?!