Predicting Travis Kelce’s 2019 Stats

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Time to predict Travis Kelce’s 2019 stats

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Welcome back to another article where I try my hand at predicting stats for 2019 season. The last player we took a look at was new addition Frank Clark. Since I did a defensive player last time, let’s predict what Travis Kelce will bring to the table this year.

Travis Kelce has a flamboyant personality and an undeniable swagger. When he’s not showing up to weddings, doing commercials, or having fun on social media, he’s killing it on the field with his production and his dance moves.


There’s no question that Travis is one of the more important cogs in the Chiefs’ offensive machine. Being one of the more athletic tight ends in the league, he’s able to create a lot of options in terms of the routes he can run.

2018 Season

ReceptionsYardsYards Per ReceptionTouchdowns

Travis Kelce has been a reliable weapon on offense for years. His numbers have reflected that throughout his career. Barring an injury, there’s no reason to suspect a massive change in his numbers. Nevertheless, here are my predictions for 2019.

2019 Season

Perhaps if the Tyreek Hill news made it seem more likely that he would miss significant time, I may have increased Kelce’s numbers. But with the most recent audio released, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

ReceptionsYardsYards Per ReceptionTouchdowns
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Therefore, I think Kelce will have relatively close to the same amount of receptions. As a result of the defense being stronger, it’s likely that the offense won’t have to put up 40-plus points a game to win and thus executing more running plays. Hence why I have Kelce with slightly less yards.

Travis being a threat in the red zone isn’t likely to change. He will definitely get his fair share of touchdowns. This may not be the most exciting prediction I’ve made yet, but I believe Kelce is somebody you can rely on to consistently produce year in and year out. I find some solace in knowing that.

Time for you to shoot your shot Arrowhead Guys! What are your predictions for Travis Kelce?

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I think this is a reasonable projection. If, as we all hope, the defense is better, the Chiefs won’t be in the number of shootouts they had last year. We all have seen what Andy Reid does when he has what he perceives as a “safe” lead. He takes his foot off the gas and tries to drain the clock with the running game. If we see more of those situations then all of the passing/receiving stats will go down AND THAT’S A GOOD THING.


even though I think we should trade him, I think his numbers will be higher than last year because we dont have a certin running back who has a talent that demands a run in specific situations. I bet he breaks a record solely because he excels in Reid’s system.


Why do you think we should trade him? I mean outside of it makes no sense to trade away the best TE in football, we literally have a bunch of question marks be hind him. Seriously TE on this team has the worst depth.


Interesting take here. Who would replace his production?


That comment belongs in the Tuesday Taeks article. It’s so scorching it contradicts itself.


He’s good and all but his untimely drops make me have love/hate feelings for him. I would want to trade him for a top tier DB. maybe far as replacing his production I think that the wideouts we have could step up. Maybe include more running. I know its completely unrealistic just based on most peoples perspective of him. Good ol Tony G spoiled me.


Those were the numbers I had in mind when I saw the title.


107 Receptions
1,397 yards
13 TDs

If Mahomes is legit looking to not improvise as much and take more easy throws then Kelce should see a bump in production. I am also assuming Hill is missing 2 games in this scenario.


90 Receptions
1,100 yards
10 Touchdowns
Misses 1-2 games or stats would be higher.

Tony Sommer

My hope is that Watkins plays more, so Kelce’s numbers will naturally go down a bit.


I’d like to see a healthy amount of Hardman targets also, so that’ll be taking from Kelce also.


102 Receptions
1492 yards
12 TD

This 2019 Offense is going to shatter records, fellas. Most points scored, most touchdowns scored, highest average ppg, all this year.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

I can get on board with that. I will base it on the better defense. The reason being with the other team not having the ball for extremely long periods of the game our badass offense get the ball more. More time with the ball means more chances to put up points.

Edit: Also Mahomes will, in my opinion, be better this year. I think time to study defenses this offseason along with studying his own game film will move the needle towards the positive. Fewer missed plays (there were damn few to begin with) and just overall knowing what to do and when to do it a little better than last year. That will also mean more points and opportunities for the rest of the offense to shine.


This is it right here fellas.