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Arrowhead Guys (finally) launch their podcast, listen to The Mitko Show within.

Tyreek Hill’s full audio clip was released on Tuesday. Today, we discuss the background behind the clip, break down the audio piece by piece, compare it to the edited release, and talk about how we can learn from this. 

Please donate to the victims of child abuse:

The Arrowhead Guys Podcast Page can be found here and you can subscibe via the iStore, Google Play and Spotify.

Mitko Show  is now available! This week, we talk strictly Tyreek Hill

This is a very difficult topic, but one that is necessary. I encourage everyone to listen to the full episode, and share it with those you feel need to hear it.

The Mitko Show

Welcome to the next episode of The Mitko Show here at Arrowhead guys radio.
Today we have an extremely important discussion on the recently released Tyreek Hill full audio. I strongly encourage you to listen to the entire episode and share it with those who you feel would benefit from the discussion

00:01 – Shane Williams’ charity event for abused children on  Saturday 7/13/19

01:11 – Background information about the clip, Mitko’s apology, and why this is a difficult, but necessary conversation. 

08:36 – Breaking down the audio piece by piece.

33:32 – What outcome should we be rooting for?

37:45 – Comparing the edited and unedited reports.

43:54 – The impact of these cases and what we can all learn from this.  

Shane Williams’ charity event for abused children is on  Saturday 7/13/19. Please Donate on the Facebook link above.

Tell us what you think about the show! What would you like to hear next week?

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MITKO. I really like the podcast, but had to turn this one off after about 5 minutes. You vocal fry was like nails on a chalkboard for me. You have a really good voice when you project, but its gets so croaky when you lower your voice.


I would say just clear ya throat! Drink some water. No offense intended


No offense taken. While I’m finally not sick anymore, I’ve got pretty severe chronic allergies that can be a pain when recording. Normally I can work around it but with this time frame it was a real struggle. Since I had to rerecord everything Weds due to the Hill audio dropping. I really wanted to record the opening 15 minutes, but by the time I got done with it, it was well past midnight.
(Trust me I tried repeatedly clearing out my throat, downed several water bottles, had some hot tea, and tried a warm shower to clear out the frog in my throat to no avail)


I appreciate the honest feedback and will do some research on vocal Fry and work on correcting it moving forward. I want to give AG the best podcast that I can. Would you mind listening to the last 15 minutes and telling me if the issue is as prevalent there as it is in the first 5? I think I may know the issue if not.


Still pretty croaky at the end, but not as much as some of the earlier parts. Still really impressed with the podcast. I’ve no idea how you talk for so long by yourself.


It’s the voices.


But seriously thanks for going back and listening did a lot of research last night and am going to work on a few things. Unfortunately I had already recorded most of next week’s episode so it might still be there


“Tyreek is acting adamant that Crystal is setting him up…”
LITERALLY while she is setting him up


Kudos for taking this on, Mitko, a really tough matter and you handled it well. I’ve been guilty of taking hearsay at face value and forwarding it to others, this podcast is a strong reminder of that, not a good feeling but with self-awareness we can right ourselves.


Thanks Mitko! I had never heard the actual KCTV5 report. The crazy part was at the end where they asked the guy who had heard the whole 11 min said it was disgusting. I wonder what he was thinking or if he actually did listen to the whole thing. This whole thing is crazy.


I can’t wait to check it out!

Tony Sommer

Nice podcast this week, I think you covered the topic really well. There’s really not much else to say, you pretty much covered it.