Gehrig Dieter: Good Guy, On and Off the Field

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New Arrowhead Guy Chris Taylor covers Gehrig Dieter’s Football Camp.

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Gehrig Dieter returned home to give back while in the midst of climbing the roster

The offseason can drag on and on for most NFL fans. Kansas City Chiefs fans in particular this offseason have endured an emotionally long one. An offseason full of new additions, old departures, one-day contracts, and some off the field stuff you may or may not have heard about.

For Gehrig Dieter, his offseason plate has been a full one. Gehrig married his sweetheart Meg in May, and in between making public appearances with his best friend Patrick Mahomes to working out routinely with Tyreek Hill, it’s safe to say that time has been flying by for the former Alabama and Bowling Green receiver.

Nevertheless, Gehrig found time to give back to the community he once belonged to. Last weekend, Gehrig returned home to South Bend, Indiana to hold his 2nd annual football camp.

Admission was free for all age groups 8-17. Over 400 local kids showed up to partake in the event, even a couple boys from as far as Oklahoma even made the trip.

Attendees were welcomed to camp with free shirts, an autographed picture of Gehrig, a Chiefs Kingdom wrist band, a football, a big head of Gehrig, plus all the Gatorade one could drink and pizza that you could eat.

Coaches from all around the area as well as former players made up most of the staff, including myself, Meg’s father, oh, and Uncle Rod.

At the same location where Gehrig broke multiple National high school records, years later, Gehrig had his chance to give back to his hometown community.

At the end of camp, Gehrig patiently took the time to take pictures and sign various items. He probably signed over 600 items on this day. Click here for a more personal approach to Gehrig’s camp.

The camp was a huge success in his hometown. Getting to see his interaction with these kids firsthand was a sight to see. The patience and humble nature he possesses was evident.

The next morning he went back to work in Kansas City. Through the eyes of social media this offseason, we have been lucky enough to see some of the work Gehrig and teammate Tyreek Hill have been putting in. From the tandem training in the gym to the now famous hill they’ve been destroying, Chiefs fans have gotten a firsthand look at some of Gehrig’s training regimen. And if you have followed Gehrig’s career, he looks stronger, leaner, and faster than ever before.

As Gehrig climbs the depth chart, he takes nothing for granted. He understands his situation and his determination to become a factor in the high powered offense is unmatched. His teammates would probably agree. This, combined with the connection he has with the quarterback has set No.12 in a good position to not only get more reps, but to also make that impact he’s looking forward to.

Many take his relationship with not only Patrick, but Travis Kelce, Tyreek, and others as his ticket onto the team. These people are seriously downplaying the ability this receiver has. Gehrig is one helluva good football player. He knows the playbook inside and out, he knows how to play each receiver position, and he’s one of the better special teams players as a gunner.

Three years ago I mentioned that Gehrig was one of Reid’s secret weapons, and to this day I stand by those comments. It wasn’t until other teams started calling the week before the Monday night game against the Rams that Gehrig was added to the roster, protecting and securing his spot on the team for the remainder of the year.

If one truly watches film on this guy, they’ll see a fluidness about him. He is able to weave through traffic without missing a beat, his route running is near flawless, and oh, the guy may have the best hands on the entire team. Some of the catches he made while playing for Bowling Green are Top 10 worthy. Literally. Figuratively.

Making this team seems to be a forgone conclusion to Gehrig. The confidence he has in himself and his abilities do not allow him to see any other future than playing receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. As many contracts will be up after the 2019 season, Gehrig sits in a pretty good spot in making sure Kansas City remains his home.

Gehrig has a personality that attracts people to him, with his down-to-earth demeanor and quick-witted humor, he’s like you and me in a lot of ways. He’s what we in the South call ‘good people’.

The receiver group headed into camp is packed and loaded, but Gehrig has dedicated himself to learning Andy Reid’s system. The knowledge, hard work, and God-given ability to play football sends him more than prepared for camp and the preseason.

He’s the most approachable Chief on the team. He genuinely listens to his fans and appreciates them more than they appreciate him. His love for his wife, his dogs, his teammates, and people in general resonate through Chiefs Kingdom.

Not to mention some of the antics off the field with Patrick have been extremely fun to watch. Gehrig will be the first one to tell you, in typical receiver form, he’s open every play. Looking back at last years film, he’s kind of right.

Gehrig is a role model for all of us. He has a high moral ceiling and his work ethic is light years away from above and beyond. He’s the standard when it comes to never letting someone tell you that you can’t do something. He’s proof that you can. This was the message he gave to those who attended his camp just over a week ago.

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zulu trader
zulu trader

Really? . . . I have learned more about this guy in the last week than I care to know. Do we really care that much about him?


If he actually does manage to crack the top-four depth chart, that’d be one of the best Chiefs stories in recent memory.


Nice Story Chris, you gotta keep it coming with more stories!


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed how crisp his footwork was compared to Tyreek in the twitter videos he shared. Gehrig wasn’t as fast as Tyreek, but he hit each step with purpose.


Nicely said, Chris. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing.

Anthony Stratton

Thanks for sharing Chris! Great story.

Dave B.
Dave B.

…pizza that you could eat.

So it wasn’t Pizza Hut?


Lol! Pizza Hut better than Domino’s any day.


Why fight over whether the turd has nuts or corn? It’s still a turd.


Corn nuts?


Listen here you.


comment image


That might be the least true statement I’ve ever read on here. Sad!


Good stuff…


Great writeup! Welcome aboard. Looking forward to more of this.

Tony Sommer

It’d be nice if Dieter was able to step up and be a major contributor. Watkins won’t be around much longer so he’ll certainly have the chance.


Dieter should be able to secure a spot this offseason.


Nice write up. Thanks Chris.