Chiefs Mandatory Minicamp, Day 3

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Coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs Day 3 of Minicamp.

The Kansas City Chiefs continue with their Mandatory Minicamp as Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones’ status with the team remains the main focus of conversation, for one reason or another. While we likely won’t get resolution to either, we will undoubtedly hear plenty about the players who are in attendance. Here are a few updates from the last two days:

As a side note, I would remind everyone that while the players not participating are the ones we most want more information on, we are very unlikely to receive it. We all know how Andy Reid feels about answering questions about players who aren’t here.

“Duffug you just ask me?”

Here is the full schedule for the week: Note Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.

Media access begins shortly after 1:00pm AG Time, which is when the majority of information will start hitting the Twitterverse. We will try to have someone available to post those updates in the comments, however if you are following along please feel free to do so.

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Tony Sommer

Schwartz: Chiefs OT Mitchell Schwartz on his extension… “It means a lot. Typically it doesn’t always get done when you’re so far out from free agency. I’m glad we could come together and make it work. I love being here. Obviously with Pat back there it’s looking pretty good." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Schwartz on the OL… “Every year we get a little older, a little more mature. I think for the top 6 or 7 guys everyone is on their second deal. So there’s a lot of experience. Coach Heck does a great job of cross training everyone so if someone goes down you’re ready." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Schwartz on his brother talking about his contract… “Obviously your family is always going to support you and think you deserve more money. We’ve always just been happy for each other’s success. He used to just destroy me in everything we did because he was there years older." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Schwartz on playing with his brother Jeff as a kid… “We used to play tackle football in my parents room until the ceiling fan downstairs fell down because we were getting a little too heavy." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Schwartz on the schedule for the next six weeks… “It works well… you have a week off and then four good weeks of work and then decompress for a week before camp." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Schwartz on food… “I try to eat right. Portion control is big. Greek Yogurt is a good substitute for sour cream if you’re looking for that.” Are you coming out with a cookbook? “My brother and I did one already. It didn’t sell well so I’m sure you can find a copy out there." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Schwartz on Mahomes… “The experience side of it… he’s now got 19 games under his belt. Last year he was seeing things for the first time. Now he’s got a lot of things in his memory bank… Read more »

Tony Sommer

Mahomes: Patrick Mahomes talking about the next 6 weeks. “Hopefully I’ll be around Kansas City a lot. Staying in shape. Hopefully I’ll play a little golf." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on what they got done… “I think we did a good job of everybody stepping up. We had some guys go down and young guys stepped up. We put some plays in every day. I think we had a nice little camp. — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on what he’s learned physically… “I think we’ve done a good job of getting better each year." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on what the team talked about going forward. “We said we’re not going to take a step back at training camp. Let’s make sure we’re building on what we’ve done." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on throwing before camp… “I’ll definitely be throwing the ball a lot. Now is the time of year when you ramp that up. There’s a lot of guys that stay around her to throw with." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on what he’s working on… “I think it gets repetitive me saying it, but foot work. I think I’ve missed some plays because of some little things I miss with my footwork. I also need to work on when to make the big play and when to not make a risky play." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on an Okafor INT yesterday… “I actually just checked to a play. He’s living a charmed life, because every time he tips it he intercepts it. I’m excited to have him on the team." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on if he’s spoken with Chris Jones… “I’ve talked to Chris. I know he’s working hard and he’ll be ready to go when he gets back. Right now I’m just working with the guys that are here." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Mahomes on the defense… “I think it’s been a good back and forth all… Read more »

Tony Sommer

Andy Reid: Andy Reid speaking after practice… “I’m not going to talk about Tyreek today. Last time I opened my mouth and stuck my foot in it… I said the case wasn’t closed and I probably put the DA in a bind… so I’m not going to say anything on that. Time is yours." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on the defense… “I check in with Spags every day with that. For where we’re at with the time allotted… I think he’s pretty comfortable with where we’re at. I thought the guys did a good job picking it up." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid response to being asked the same question… “Yeah, I think I just answered that right there.” He then politely added some comments that sounded exactly like what he just said. — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on Chris Jones status… “Our people have talked with his people. That’s really where it is." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on Kelce’s status for camp… asked if he’ll be a full go… “Yeah that’s what is looks like right now. We expect him to go." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on TE depth “It was too bad Deon Yelder was sidelined. He’s a good prospect. Looking forward to seeing what he can do out there." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on Mahomes next 6 weeks… “He’ll take a deep breath. He’ll be throwing with the guys. He’ll be getting ready to crank it up and get to camp." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on Juan Thornhill… “I like what I’ve seen. I think he has a chance to be a real good football player. You’d have liked to see him be healthy. He’s got good instincts. He makes plays on the ball. I liked what I saw." — Soren Petro (@SorenPetro) June 13, 2019 Reid on Schwartz extension… “You like doing something like that for a guy like him. He’s never missed a snap in practice or a game."… Read more »