Breakdowns And Predictions: Week Three

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Taking a look at each game of the Chiefs 2019 schedule.

Last time we delved into the the Week Two match-up between the Chiefs and the Raiders. This week we look at the meeting between Kansas City and the Ravens!

Week Three of the 2019 NFL season has the Baltimore Ravens travelling to Kansas City for the Chiefs home opener. Baltimore has officially moved on from the Elite Joe Flacco and thrust running back quarterback Lamar Jackson into the starting role. They have also made some key offseason moves to acquire RB Mark Ingram, Safety Earl Thomas, and Kansas City native LB Shane Ray.

How The Kansas City Chiefs Win

With the immense amount of room to grow from a purely passing standpoint, it will be interesting to see how Jackson looks with another offseason under his belt — and by “interesting” I mean to say that I will likely be laughing loudly when he continues to beat up the turf with footballs on 10 yard posts.

The combination of Jackson and Ingram suggests a strong running game, however, and the newly revamped Kansas City defense will need to focus on shutting it down early and forcing the young QB to throw the ball. Last year Baltimore was able to stick to their offensive philosophy and brought the Chiefs closer to a loss than they should have been, so this year it must be a point of emphasis to play smart and physical football at the point of attack.

On offense, Mahomes and Company will need to start off faster and tighter than they did last year as well. Though Mahomes had some memorable plays in that game — a no-look pass and the Miracle Ball to Hill on 4th down — chemistry appeared to be lacking. With a potential Hill suspension possibly forcing Mecole Hardman on the field for this game, cohesion between Mahomes and the young bloods on offense will be critical.

If the passing game stalls out, Kansas City may have to see if their new running back corps can keep pace with the Ravens. While I’m content with the players available to rotate into the ground game, I don’t think they are on the same level as Ingram and Jackson.

This was Lamar Jackson’s best throw of the game …

How The Baltimore Ravens Win

Once again, Baltimore’s ground game will be the most pivotal aspect of this game. All jokes aside, containing a quarterback as mobile as Jackson has not exactly been a strong suit of recent Chiefs’ defenses. If Spagnuolo has his guys firing on all cylinders early on in the season, and if his new scheme is better at keeping Jackson in the pocket, they may be able to neutralize a lot of what the Ravens will aspire to achieve.

If not, though, this could be a long day for the Chiefs defense.

To slow down the Kansas City offense is a completely different issue, and one not many defensive coordinators have been able to solve. Surely a lot of time has been spent this offseason studying how New England — as well as Denver at times — was able to keep Mahomes in check for large portions of the game. If Baltimore can build upon those theories and improve them, they have the opportunity to keep this game close enough that a fluke play here or there might afford them a road victory.

But I doubt it.

With this being the Chiefs Home Opener, I don’t think this game goes anywhere near Baltimore’s direction. Kansas City has advantages at quarterback, head coach, wide receiver, and potentially defense (I know, it’s way too early to say). Short of a complete meltdown or — knock on wood — key injuries, Chiefs fans should be treated to another fun romp through four quarters of offensive ecstasy.

Score Prediction: Chiefs 38, Ravens 14

What are your score predictions for this game? Anything I may have overlooked to sway your opinion a certain way?

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Chargers exposed how to beat Lamar going forward… If our goals are the same as they have been, this has to be a win and should be a convincing one.


The Ravens are trying rebuild their identity. New QB, no Flacco. Big defensive changes.

They did well last year and they’ll build off that.

In years past, the Chiefs might potentially fall victim of the “proverbial” trap game. But with Mahomes and a new and improved defense I don’t feel the Ravens are quite up to the challenge of the sea of red in new seats at Arrowhead.

This will be a win that will put us back in the winning light that never should have left in the offseason that the Chargers are currently basking in like every summer.

Chiefs win!


Tough to get traction on an article that’s competing with the Tyreek news. That said, I think you make some good points. Assuming our defense is at least marginally better than last years’, I suspect we’ll win fairly easily.

As an aside, can we just go ahead and have Mahomes beat the season TD record this year? I know we probably won’t need as many TDs with an improved defense, but it would be great to absolutely curb-stomp everyone on the way to a Superbowl.

Anthony Stratton

Dave got done dirty by news that nothing happened, long story short.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Ok now I did some reading. I think 38-14 is way off, I’m leaning more towards something like 38-13 😉. I dont see the all running attack getting more than one td on our new improved run defense 🙏.

One more area I think we have the advantage is O line. And though Kelce is probably being grouped with the WRs here we have the advantage at TE in pretty much every game.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

First things first is that Kelce blowing the doors off that safety with that block in the first gif?

Anthony Stratton

“That safety” is Earl Thomas, btw.