60 Years of the Chiefs Part 6: The Chosen One Cometh

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The Arrowhead Guys conclude their six part series on the 60 year history of the Kansas City Chiefs with the future, Patrick Mahomes.

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If you can’t wait to get to the Patrick Mahomes section, go ahead and scroll down because I still have to cover some other stuff, but I promise you, it is there. And lots of it! The beginning of this decade sure did not start off any better than the ending of the previous one, yet we will still dive in, take a quick recap and then get to the happiest story of all for us Chiefs fans. Patrick Mahomes.


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What was supposed to be a promising rebuild started in the previous decade, just never came around. Some veteran acquisitions proved helpful on the field, but for the 2010 season the big splash had to be the hiring of the Coordinators Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis.

The coaching additions proved to be very successful, as the Chiefs would go on to secure their first AFC West title since 2003. Their ten victories in the 2010 season combined for as many as the team had won in their previous three seasons combined.


The squad made the playoffs for the first time since 2006, but were destroyed at home in the Wild Card round by the Baltimore Ravens. The next year Coach Todd Haley would be fired, Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel would take over and the unit would again return to their losing ways, closing out 2012 with a terrible 2-14 mark, again.

The 2012 Chiefs became the first team since the 1929 Buffalo Bisons to not lead in regulation through any of their first nine games. The Chiefs tied their franchise worst record of 2–14 and clinched the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. It is the first time in since the merger they have held the first overall pick.


Coach Crennel’s tenure in Kansas City ended after the 2012 season when he and General Manager Scott Pioli were fired. There had been so much hope, a couple bright spots along the way, but the team relied on a subpar Quarterback, aging team, and inexperienced Head Coach in Todd Haley, which resulted in another house cleaning. Yet there were brighter times on the horizon.

Enter Big Red

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Andy Reid was brought aboard to start the 2013 season and immediately he began making changes to the roster. Aided by newly hired General Manager John Dorsey from the Green Bay Packers, Reid and Company released fledgling Quarterback Matt Cassel, and traded for former #1 overall pick Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers. With the first pick in the draft they selected Offensive Lineman Eric Fisher, and set about restoring a winning culture to the Chiefs. It did not take them long.

Out of the gate the Chiefs were nearly unstoppable in 2013, turning heads everywhere and letting not only the fanbase, but the world know they were back and for real this time. Anchored by the dynamic running back Jamaal Charles on offense, who somehow could turn the afterburners on in an instant, and Eric Berry on the defense, who would become the teams rock during his battle with cancer, Andy Reid brought winning back to Arrowhead Stadium and the Chiefs Kingdom.

The Chiefs started 9–0 for the second time in team history. They would lead their wildcard game against the Indianapolis Colts 38–10 shortly after halftime, but they would collapse late and lose, 45–44.


After sitting out the playoffs in 2014 even though they finished the year with a winning record of 9-7 the team has been back to the postseason every season since 2015, and finally getting that elusive postseason victory that had evaded every coach and team to suit up since the days of Joe Montana and Derrick Thomas. It was certainly a long time coming for us fans as well.

The Chiefs defeated the Houston Texans 30–0 to earn their first NFL playoff win in 23 seasons, dating back to the 1993–94 NFL playoffs, a win that also came in Houston. The Chiefs’ Wild-Card playoff victory ended what was at the time the third-longest drought in the NFL, and it also ended a then NFL record eight-game playoff losing streak.


Patrick Lavon Mahomes II

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Last season we witnessed the greatest Quarterback play ever in Kansas City. Many questions surrounded the team, with established veteran Alex Smith still in town when the team traded up to draft Patrick Mahomes. After sitting for an entire season, save for making a late season start against the Broncos after the Chiefs had already clinched, 2018 was our new franchise Quarterback’s “rookie” season. We were all rewarded for the patience in waiting to see Mahomes play.

Compiling an MVP season, leading the Chiefs to the first ever AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead, with a Pro Bowl Birth, we Chiefs fans can take solace in knowing that we have the Quarterback we have always wanted. Years of subpar play, mediocre check down madness, and sometimes just downright garbage, Patrick Mahomes is not only a hit on the field, he is also a hit off the field. Follow Chiefs Twitter and you see. I’ll leave you with some stats from our MVP Quarterback;

After the Chiefs traded Smith to the Washington Redskins the following season, Mahomes was named the starter. That season, Mahomes threw for 5,097 yards, 50 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He became the only quarterback in history to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season in both college and the NFL.


In Closing

When the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs take the field in Jacksonville, Florida September 8th it will mark the 60th year the team has played football. While not all 60 years have been great, many have been wonderful. We have witnessed great players suit up in our favorite colors and take the field. I know this series did not cover every single Chiefs great, I could spend days typing just about Derrick Thomas, or Will Shields. Regardless I hope you enjoyed the quick trip down memory lane, and that somewhere along you way you got even more excited for the Kansas City Chiefs 60th season!

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Such an amazing and wonderful series.

Well done.


Not just a good article, C&S, you’re improving with each one. That can be hard to see from the “inside”, but I do see it from the outside.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Thanks for the series I thought they were all great.

Anthony Stratton

And the best is yet to come.


This has been a terrific series! Thank you for putting in the effort to prepare it. You managed to find positive nuggets even from the darkest days. Here’s to a future so bright we have to wear shades (Oakleys of course).


Just struck me that as bad as the 2-14 season was, the difference between that team and the current Royals team is that fans only had to suffer through 14 losses that season, a number that these Royals have already exceeded by a wide measure. In fact, they’ve only got 6 more wins than those 14 losses.

Adding to the frustration is that this team isn’t without talent, it appears to me to be a lack of cohesion, an inability to get things firing on all 8 cylinders, or even 7 of 8, for any sustained amount of time. With the field D consistently good, it’s been a carousel of which segment hasn’t been coming through; the starters, the bullpen, and especially the offense. At this point, I’m blaming the offense more than the pitching, because without reliable run support a pitcher’s job gets that much harder. Doesn’t help that they’re allowing opposing starters to stay on the mound by delivering quick outs to them.

Good thing for me that I don’t have nearly the emotional investment with them as I do the Chiefs, so thank who/whatever for getting Mahomes.


Agree that the Royals are painful. But a great baseball team loses 60 games a year. That’s 4 years of truly awful football.


True enough, though the Royals have already tripled that 14-loss mark, plus one more loss for good measure. At the rate they’re going up until now, they’re staring at a 100-loss season unless things change. On the upside, we’ve still got some good young players, the bullpen has largely settled down, and Sparkman’s been looking decent, at minimum. But damn, that offense? Ugh.

Tony Sommer

Since we hired Reid, we’ve had the 2nd most wins in the NFL.

Also thanks for linking my highlight video, it’s my life’s greatest accomplishment.

Anthony Stratton

Sabres: I did whuuuut?