Post-Draft Roster Analysis: Tight End

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Arrowhead Guys has decided to analyze the roster, position by position, following the draft in order to project the Final 53 Man roster and identify interesting roster battles to keep an eye on. In order to predict the number of players that will make the final roster per position we analyzed trends for the Kansas City Chiefs offense from 2016-2018 and the New York Giants from 2007-2008 and 2017 to determine number of offensive and defensive players kept at each position by both Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo.

Currently Under Contract: 7

Blake Bell81TE6-62525Oklahoma
Jody Fortson1TE6-6230RValdosta State
Nick Keizer82TE6-42511Grand Valley State
Travis Kelce87TE6-52607Cincinnati
John Lovett40TE6-3225RPrinceton
David Wells88TE6-62601San Diego State
Deon Yelder82TE6-42552Western Kentucky

Projected Roster Spots: 3

Andy Reid almost always carries 3 Tight Ends, barring a season opening suspension. Looking at you Demetrius.

Returning Chiefs

Travis Kelce has been the bread and butter at this position, and it’s one that we have seen Andy use in 2 and occasionally 3-sets for mismatches. While this group isn’t exactly a detriment currently, one badly timed injury could lead to a lot of wanting. Blake Bell was signed just a few short moons ago, and though he may well just be a camp body, he is joined by two more of the “camp fodder” type in David Wells and Deon Yelder. Bell projects closer to a TE2 than either of the other two.

New Acquisitions

New additions to the Chiefs 90 Man Roster include the Chiefs 7th round draft selection out of Illinois Nick Allegretti, who Dan Harms reviewed here, and Undrafted Free Agent Dino Boyd out of Cincinnati.

Roster Analysis

Before the draft Arrowhead Guys had the following to say about the TE position:

I fervently believe Veach is eyeing this position in the draft. Regardless of how All-World Travis Kelce can be — and has been — for the Chiefs, considering the lack of high-end talent behind him and the remaining length of his contract, Kansas City needs to be looking forward to injecting new blood into this position group. Kelce was a favorite security blanket for Mahomes last season, and should he miss any extended time there’s no telling what that may do to the offense. I also expect Reid would like to get back to more 2TE sets without having to rely on subpar talent on the field.

The draft has come and went without a draft pick being spent on a TE. Instead the Kansas City Chiefs added a couple UDFA’s and a 1 yet vet to the squad in Fortson, Keizer and Lovett. There has been some buzz recently about former Princeton QB/TE/H-Back John Lovett however, so he will be worth keeping an eye on. It is with great sorrow, however, that I report he is not a former basketball player.

I predict the Chiefs will carry Travis Kelce, Blake Bell and John Lovett on the roster Week 1.

Roster Locks: Kelce

Bubble Busters: Bell, Lovett, Yelder

Camp Bodies: Fortson, Keizer, Wells

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With the number of tight ends drafted this year there have to be some veterans cut, although maybe not until after training camp. I’m hoping they pick up someone before Game 1.


TE depth has been my biggest concern this offseason. Kelce takes so many big hits over the course of a season that it makes me really nervous. I don’t know anything about the other TE’s on the team so I just hope we have at least one who’s as good as Demetrius.


I’m filled with John Lovett hype. Put some lbs on him and he could be a special player. OTA over hype? Sure, but I’ll take the potential of door number 2 over the known “prizes”.


I know little about him as a player, but if he’s got a decent skillset in several positions, Team Reid favors that sort of player. The staff loves them some versatility as much as Andy loves drawing up player-specific plays for his playbook. I wonder how many volumes it fills, at this point, lol.