FanPost: Entire Game of Thrones Season 8 Re-Write

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BDChiefsFan offers a different plot for Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

A Fanpost by BDChiefsFan:

For this exercise, I will take everything that has happened until end of season 7 as it is. I would bring the ending to the same ending the show did, but I would make modifications to the story to fit the ending.

For season 8, here’s how I would do it.

Episode 1

Tweak 1: Bran shows more emotion to reuniting with Jon.

Tweak 2: Establish the fact that the golden company has some ulterior agenda in Westeros. Maybe captain Strickland is a formerly disgraced lord (A Tully or a Tyrell, who was banished to Essos by Lannister betrayal).

Episode 2

Tweak 1: Bran shows more emotion to Jaime. He may have moved on not being able to walk, but he shows Jaime some raw emotion, and then controls himself, forgives Jaime.

Tweak 2: Tyrion reveals to Daenerys that he knew Cersei wouldn’t help them against the undead. But Tyrion had consulted with Varys and had learned about Cersei’s arrangement with the Iron Bank & the Golden Company. Both of them deduced that Cersei will face some trouble from the Golden Company since Strickland is the commander, who hates Lannisters.

Episode 3

Tweak 1: Better lighting, a little more lighting, and better lighting.

Tweak 2: Don’t rush the Dothraki into the darkness. Have the Unsullied stand their ground first. Have the Dothraki attack from the side with the cavalry. This would work for a bit, and then the White Walkers overwhelm the Dothraki. That is where Dany goes off the plan when the Dothraki fall. I would keep that.

Things stay the same course.

Tweak 3: Then explicitly reveal that the Night King was a Targaryen, that’s why he couldn’t be burned by fire. That’s why his symbol looks similar to the House Targaryen symbol. Otherwise what is the point of that symbol if you weren’t going to do anything with it?

The rest of the episode was brilliantly done. I will keep it as is, and Arya kills the Night King.

Episode 4 & 5

Tweak 1: That scene where Rhaegal gets ambushed is stupid. If you have an army, you would send scouts ahead so that ambush doesn’t happen. That scene is gone.

Tweak 2: Daenerys is moody in Dragonstone because the Northmen won’t arrive until 2 weeks later. She also doesn’t like the treasonous discussions between Tyrion & Varys (she overhears it through her loyal servants)

Tweak 3: Tyrion convinces Daenerys to go to the Parlay with Cersei. Dany is moody and arrogant. She takes her dragons to the parlay. Cersei lays a trap at the parlay.

Dany takes the dragons to the parlay to intimidate Cersei. Cersei uses trickery during the parlay to capture & kill Missandei. Once the Golden Company ambushes the parlay, Dany is urged to take off on Drogon to fall back. During the fall back, Rhaegal is killed in an ambush, but he takes out a number of the weapons.

Dany is MAD towards the end of the episode. She accuses both Tyrion & Varys of treason. It is at this point, Dany expresses her goal to burn Kings Landing to ground, citing the common folks of Kings Landing NOT joining her cause. She can’t see past her losses. Tyrion pledges again to obey Dany’s explicit orders no matter what.

Jaime is caught trying to get past the blockade. Dany tells Tyrion that Jaime will be put to death in front of Cersei to make her surrender. Tyrion implores Dany to let Jaime go, so Jaime can convince Cersei to surrender. Dany denies that request. The plan is now set to kill Jaime in front of the gates of Kings Landing. Tyrion lets Jaime go.

Jaime is nowhere to be found, and Dany moves on for the time being. Battle of Kings Landing starts. Yara rejoins the fight with her fleet, making the Iron Fleet too busy and vulnerable to Drogon. Dany destroys all the weapons. The Golden Company tries to betray Cersei by joining the fight for Dany, but Dany starts burning the Golden Company (b/c they captured Missandei). As the battle is won and Dany and her army are going through Kings Landing, the common folk keeps hammering the doors of the red keep, chanting for Queen Cersei to save them. The Bell is ringing, but this is when Dany snaps, and starts burning the common folks (like in the show)

Jon & Tyrion are horrified.

Rest of it follows as is.

Episode 6

As for episode 6, it was a shitshow. I wouldn’t show Tyrion removing two pieces of rock to find Jaime and Cersei. I would show something symbolic like Jaime’s metal hand crushed and Cersei’s blood-soaked crown. That would be it.

As for Bran becoming King? D&D did zero work on that part. I am sure George R R Martin wrote it that way, but D&D didn’t do an ounce of work to justify Bran becoming King. How does a person who didn’t even want to be called Lord Stark like months ago is now all eager to be King Bran?

Again, logically, it is the unifying story no doubt. While Sansa is more deserving (Jon being disqualified because he killed Dany), the lords of Westeros won’t accept a woman as a queen unless they are forced to do so. And since this is a selection that requires their input, Bran makes more sense. Who else otherwise? The breastfed weirdo Robin Arryn wont do. Edmure Tully? Lolz.

Here’s another part that I HATED. I understand Sansa wants an independent North. So she puts forth claim for it. You know who would want an independent kingdom? Dorne. It is said Aegon the conqueror conquered every part of Westeros, except for Dorne. Every time he and his sister wives tried, the Dornish just hid in their terrain and vast jungles. The Targaryens eventually gave up, and made alliance with Dorne through marriage. Rhaegar Targaryen (Jon’s father) was married to Elia Martell (a Dornish princess). So it makes zero sense when the North wants to stay independent, the fiercely independent Dornish prince just stays quiet.

Lets break the wheel a little more. Bran accepts being king, except he doesn’t. He breaks the wheel saying it will be an alliance, with all the other lords sending one of their surrogates to Kings Landing to serve in a Westerosi Council. Bran could be something like a Lord Commander of the Westerosi Council of Lords. That breaks the chain, keeps the North independent along with other kingdoms who want to be independent.

Anywho. The final episode left a sour taste in my mouth, but not more than Dee Ford stepping offside because the fucking Patriots left tackle was not lined up correctly all night.

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This was a some what disappointing season. What I’d like to have seen was at the very end….just before the credits…Cersei come climbing up out of the rubble.


With blue eyes


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Bran can’t show emotion because it’s not actually Bran. I suspect that in the books it’ll turn out the three eyed raven was the real evil the whole time and the white walkers were the good guys trying to kill him to save humanity.


Aside from the time crunch (and I realize there are real world reasons for that), my biggest problem with this season was Dany’s heel turn. Everyone else was talking about her possibly going mad, but D&D didn’t SHOW her transition from putting her own agenda on hold to fight the White Walkers to war criminal.

There are signs in the books that she may take a similar turn, but Martin will show the internal struggle much better.


D&D just did NOT earn it. they wanted to go make Star Wars, and in their rush, killed this show.


Meh, I’ll wait for a proper ending from the books, if we get them before Martin kicks the bucket.


i want to read the books, but I wont until ALL of them are released. if Martin dies before he releases all of them, whats the point..


What’s Game of Thrones 🙂 / J/K

What a great name for:
Gentlemen’s Club – dancers dressing up as peeps from GOT


Wouldn’t that be “Game of Bones” ?