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Welcome to your weekly edition of Arrowhead Guys Sundays at the K! The team is currently not at the K, as they are on a road-trip to Anaheim. This past week saw the exciting debut of Nicky Lopez, who has been exactly what we all thought he was, a competent Major League hitter. Not much good news to report on the team outside of they have the I-70 series starting Tuesday the 21st, so be ready to banter with those “best fans in baseball.” One of the best Royals follows on Twitter is @MattfromKC. He was kind enough to drop some local K.C. themed building artwork for us to enjoy this Sunday.

When you really live that life…

Big thanks to @MattfromKC for sharing these pictures with us. If you have a Twitter, go follow him Arrowhead Guys!

Welcome to the Show Nicky Lopez


Team Stuff

Down on the Farm


Open Thread

I won’t have the lineup for today’s contest posted, due to the fact I wrote this yesterday and will be fishing somewhere in Northern New Mexico at the time this post goes hot. So if you wanna stick around and talk about the Boys in Blue, use this as your open thread for the day, and see y’all next weekend!

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All too often this season, I feel like Stadtler and Waldorf in the Muppet Show opener:

Why do we always come here?
I guess we’ll never know
It’s like some kind of torture
to have to watch this show!

But today, the Royals are threatening to win this one. Owings got an RBI single, even. Will wonders never cease?


Will Owings, the anti-rally-mantis be playing today? Guess I’ll have to wait and see.


I miss Salvi. How many wins in close games would that one guy have contributed? Several, IMO. Something is not right with Maldonado