Post-Draft Roster Analysis: Offensive Line

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Arrowhead Guys has decided to analyze the roster, position by position, following the draft in order to project the Final 53 Man roster and identify interesting roster battles to keep an eye on. In order to predict the number of players that will make the final roster per position we analyzed trends for the Kansas City Chiefs offense from 2016-2018 and the New York Giants from 2007-2008 and 2017 to determine number of offensive and defensive players kept at each position by both Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo.

Currently Under Contract: 13

Jimmy Murray67C6-53042Holy Cross
Nick Allegretti73G6-4310RIllinois
LDT76G6-53216McGill (Canada)
Kahlil McKenzie66G6-33202Tennessee
Cam Erving75OL6-53135Florida State
Austin Reiter62OL6-33004South Florida
Dino Boyd64T6-4300RCincinnati
Eric Fisher72T6-73157Central Michigan
Ryan Hunter60T6-53221Bowling Green
Pace Murphy70T6-63082NW State-Louisiana
Mitchell Schwartz71T6-53208California
Justin Senior65T6-53292Mississippi State
Andrew Wylie77T6-63092Eastern Michigan

Projected Roster Spots: 9

Andy Reid loves his Offensive Linemen. In the years we reviewed Andy has kept 9-10 OL. We’re not going to break it down by position because Big Red likes to keep that flexible but we are predicting the Chiefs carry 9 to line the trenches. Prior to the draft we were projecting the Chiefs to keep 10 at OL, but looking at the strength of the roster we found a position elsewhere worthy of the extra body.

Returning Chiefs

The Chiefs offensive line was ranked as the 6th best on pass block efficiency according to pro football focus. Going forward that would seem to be their top priority considering the way the NFL is going, and the guy they have under center. They were ranked 13th overall in the regular season, so the run blocking wasn’t as great as it was in years past, but with most of the starting lineup returning next season, and hopefully the injury bug taking a break, they should be able to improve that mark. Look for them to continue to value pass blocking and versatility among all other traits when bringing in young or veteran offensive lineman.

New Acquisitions

New additions to the Chiefs 90 Man Roster include the Chiefs 7th round draft selection out of Illinois Nick Allegretti, who Dan Harms reviewed here, and Undrafted Free Agent Dino Boyd out of Cincinnati.

Roster Analysis

Before the draft Arrowhead Guys had the following to say about the OL position:

We all know that the starting lineup of Fisher, Erving, Reiter, LDT, and Schwartz are all going to make the team. I expect them to keep Mckenzie, they love his upside and Wylie has already shown the ability to make an impact. Erving has the ability to play center…Reid and Co love versatility along the offensive line. McKenzie is the only young lineman I guarantee is on the roster come training camp. The Chiefs need to add a full time backup center, Reiter played well in Morse’s absence but is rather limited athletically and Reid loves to pull his guards and centers. Chiefs probably look on day 3 to add a center to back up Reiter and give him some competition in training camp.

Not much has changed in our projections since before the draft, and the Kansas City Chiefs were wise to do exactly what we suggested in trading depth at center in the 7th round who will compete for the starting job.

I’m confident all the roster locks will make the team, leaving one open spot. Currently Hunter and Murray are the two players I have competing for that final 9th roster spot, and I’m going to give it to Ryan Hunter, as the Chiefs need another player outside at tackle, and Hunter at 6’5 and 320 lbs fits the mold of an Andy Reid behemoth OT.

Roster Locks: Fisher, Schwartz, LDT, Erving, Reiter, Wylie, Allegretti, McKenzie

Bubble Busters: Murray, Hunter

Camp Bodies: Boyd, Murphy, Senior

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The Silence regarding McKensie’s progress is Deafening … I mean he Tied Up a Roster Spot last Year FFS ..: (


So… what exactly do you think you would hear about McKenzie at this time of the year during rookie minicamp tryouts, dead time and no pads?


I am illogically optimistic about both Allegretti and McKenzie. Our C and LG spots are waiting for a hero…

comment image


I’m optimistic about both too.

Which doesn’t necessarily give you any credibility.


Really like the Allegretti pick. Barring injuries this stands to be a good OLine, and even with injuries there’s solid depth. Patrick deserves a good wall, let’s hope they’re nasty too, take no prisoners.


I’m curious to watch the center battle unfold and how Irving and McKenzie do. Good write up ava article.


I think Erving is out as the LG. All things considered he did ok but that spot needs upgraded. Yes he can play center as a back-up but he doesn’t like it. Think he will be the G/T back-up. I could see Wylie taking over the LG at the start of camp. Allegretti as the G/C back-up and maybe even replacing Reiter at some point. McKenzie is an unknown. Is he being prepped anywhere besides G?

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Erving’s grade says he played poorly, but because I thought he was going to suck I payed attention to home more than any other lineman. From what I seen he was pretty good. Now I’m not saying perfect, but I think KC was better with than without him.


This has been my exact take for 2 years. I noticed him showing up a lot in Kareem Hunt’s 2017 highlights and I thought he improved last year.


I saw Erving downfield on nearly every play. Always the first Olineman crossing the goal or picking up our RB or WR after a tackle. Seemed to me he was always near the ball.


You saw Erving downfield a lot… Cause he missed his initial block. So when you wiff so much… you better get your ass downfield to do something.

# back that up


Didn’t they extend Erving last year? Seems like they expect him to be around for a bit.


I think he’s their project lineman and will stick around.