Into the Afternight, Our 3rd Shift Open Thread.

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This is a place for the Kingdom community to gather. The more folks use it, the more folks will come.

Normally, I pick the first song as background music while I type. There’s a reason I call it theme music. Tonight’s video is an exception, because I’d never seen the official music video. Whoa. Anyway, goes out to the Royals for tonight’s game:

After those things, I got nothing else, so I’ll turn it over to the headline act; you, everyone who has something to say and wants something to here.

With that, time’s yours.

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Bleary eyed from ungodly work hours. The amount of time and effort poured into one unprofitable client is maddening.


Owner of a Lonely Heart video is pretty deep.
I’m still excited the Chiefs traded for Darron Lee.
2019 could potentially be the best Chiefs team ever.
Yeah, we never know what injuries or freaky bounces could occur, but I’m saying potentially.
26+ ppg every game and this Defense could go all the way.
Looking ahead, the NFL record for consecutive wins is 25.
Don’t you see the freewill at all?
It could all turn around right now.


Or, in typical Chiefs fashion, a 6-10 season comes in and derails the whole damn thing. I’ll stick with my cautiously optimistic stance of 9-11 wins and 1 playoff win for now. I dont want another “because, Chiefs” moment this year.


Yeah, 1 playoff win has been the ceiling most of my life.


Hell I spent 2/3 of my life just praying for one playoff win and when I finally got the first one it was an asterisk because Brian Hoyer


mid-week crickets or lots of film review going on.