Dan Harms On 810 Sports’ Crunch Time: Podcast

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Arrowhead Guys Film Analyst Dan Harms joins Frank Boal and Tim Grunhard on 810 Sports “Crunch Time”.

Welcome back to the work week Arrowhead Guys! For those of you who missed it live last week, Arrowhead Guys Film Analyst Dan Harms joined Frank Boal and Tim Grunhard on 810 Sports Radio for their Crunch Time show to breakdown the Kansas City Chiefs 2019 draft selections.

Dan joins the show around the 20 minute mark, and discusses his thoughts on the players the Chiefs added to the roster through the draft and undrafted free agents. Make sure you book mark this page and give it a listen when you have an opportunity to. He dropped some interesting information, not just on the film he’s reviewed, but on scheme fit as well.

And again, congrats to Dan for a great show. He’s worked hard to get his reviews noticed and its awesome to see him carrying the Arrowhead Guy torch into the mainstream media!

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Nicely done, Dan! I really enjoyed your segment.

Daniel Harms

Thank you! I appreciate that


When you make it to the bigtime, can I be your online stalker?

Daniel Harms

You have my permission


Cool! Uh, can you make that retroactive?


Well done, Dan! Just listened to it, spoke your own thoughts, especially re Fenton and Lovett, took time to get your thoughts straight, and what must be really tough is that you kept the flow going. Cheers!


I’m taking it as given that he’s had training in public speaking, the most notable sign of which being a distinct lack of vocalized place-holder, such as ‘er’ or especially “um”. And avoiding those takes some practice, about on the level of getting a good habit going, so it’s an effort that’s paid off.

Daniel Harms

Honestly I haven’t but when I start talking about football I don’t have to use those placeholders. It flows out of my brain and mouth. Every so often I have to gather information but I honestly didn’t think about that haha that’s pretty cool!

KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)

Grats again Dan!!!