With the 22nd Overall Pick, the Ravens Select…

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Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Edge Rusher, Interior Offense Line, Safety. Ask around, and those are the positions commonly felt to be the Baltimore Ravens biggest needs heading into the draft. The top receiver currently on the roster is Willie Snead, who totaled 651 yards and solitary touchdown last season. There are holes at ILB, Edge, and Safety after the free agency departures of veterans C.J. Moseley, Terrell Suggs, and Eric Weddle. The offensive line was a mixed bag last season, and more talent will be needed to both help the running game and protect the Quarterback.

Ask me however, and I’ll tell you that the Ravens need a Quarterback. “Uhhh, they’ve got Lamar Jackson, you idiot”, I heard many of you say. Well I hate to use a comparison like this, since comparisons are such a lazy and overly simplified way of evaluating a player, but I will because I’m a lazy simpleton. Lamar Jackson is basically Colin Kaepernick. He’s a quarterback who is a great runner. Unfortunately he doesn’t do the passing side of things very well, and a quarterback’s job is 80%+ passing.

In the NFL, if you don’t have one of the top half-dozen Quarterbacks in the league, you don’t have a chance. I don’t believe we have a chance. That’s why I tried to trade up get Kyler Murray – a guy who can do everything Lamar can do, but can also throw accurate passes and read defenses. He’s the only quarterback we believe is worth taking.

We didn’t have the draft capital to be able to trade into the top 5 picks, but once the Giants passed on Murray at 6, I knew we had to start calling around to find a trade partner. The Jags, Lions, and Bills are all set at QB for the next few years so I knew they wouldn’t be looking at Murray. The Broncos at pick 10 aren’t committed to Joe “Plays Under Center” Flacco, but I knew that Horseface would never take a QB under 6’6. That left the Bengals as the next likely team to go after Murray.

The problem was Horseface wouldn’t even take my calls. Apparently he’s still mad at us for duping him into trading for a washed up, tall, dud QB. Or maybe he’s still mad about the 2012 AFC Divisional game – The game that Elway still thinks represents Flacco’s quarterbacking ability. Either way, time had run out, a trade never happened, and our “rival” Bungles did end up taking Murray to supplant their own dud quarterback.

All of that left us in a position to take the best player available from our list of needs. We identified a guy, who may not be a generational talent, but he has high upside – a real boom or bust prospect. He’s a real high-motor guy, who can get to the quarterback. He doesn’t have any red flags, and he’s a real high-character guy. He’s undersized for an Edge but we think he can fill out his frame. He’s got tremendous bend, and don’t let me forget about his fluid hips. He’s a guy that really flashes on film and we think he’s going to end up being the steal of the draft.

Baltimore Ravens GM Tyrone selects: EDGE Brian Burns, Florida St

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  1. Arizona Cardinals – DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama
  2. San Francisco 49ers – DT Ed Oliver, Houston
  3. New York Jets – EDGE Nick Bosa, Ohio St
  4. Oakland Raiders – EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Greedy Williams, LSU
  6. New York Giants – EDGE Montez Sweat, Mississippi St
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars –  OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida
  8. Detroit Lions – LB Devin White, LSU
  9. Buffalo Bills – OT Jonah Williams, Alabama
  10. Denver Broncos – LB Devin Bush, Michigan
  11. Cincinnati Bengals – QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
  12. Green Bay Packers – TE Noah Fant, Iowa
  13. Miami Dolphins –  QB Drew Lock, Missouri
  14. Atlanta Falcons – WR D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss
  15. Washington Redskins – QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio St
  16. Carolina Panthers – OT Andre Dillard, Washington St
  17. New York Giants – DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson
  18. Minnesota Vikings – OT Cody Ford, Oklahoma
  19. Tennessee Titans – TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers – WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma
  21. Seattle Seahawks – EDGE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson
  22. Baltimore Ravens – EDGE Brian Burns, Florida St
  23. Houston Texans – 
  24. Oakland Raiders – 
  25. Philadelphia Eagles –
  26. Indianapolis Colts – 
  27. Oakland Raiders – 
  28. San Angeles Chargers –
  29. Kansas City Chiefs – 
  30. Green Bay Packers –
  31. Los Angeles Rams – 
  32. New England Patriots –
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Great pick. In reality, I can’t imagine Burns falling this low. But if he gets past 15, we better be on the phone to trade up.


The Ravens are one lucky team in this Mock. I think the Steelers should have taken Burns, and that they will take him if he falls to them at number 20 next week.


i think Lamar can develop into a competent passer. he needs time, a full offseason. however, his current QB-ing ability was badly exposed during the wild card round. he needs work no doubt.


It is possible. But it’s also possible that any random running back could be coached into being a competent passer.


Lol…exactly. Why does he need to be taught how to QB? Maybe we should have Kelce be the backup QB?


Ravens could be really bad this year!


I just came to rant and rave about how much I dislike Lamar Jackson as a QB, then I read Tony’s comment. So I just typed all this up for no reason, because he states exactly how I feel. This time next year they take a QB.

Tony Sommer

I actually liked Jackson as a prospect, but the Ravens avoiding having him throw from the pocket at all costs is very telling.

In my picks I picked them against the Chargers in the regular season, but then picked the Chargers in the playoffs. That was the first time Jackson had played the same team again, and it showed that teams were able to adjust to him.


I remember thinking in the middle of their 7 or 8 game winning streak “the wheels are going to come off this machine once tape starts coming in.”


It will be a fun rematch when the Chiefs play the Ravens this year.

Tony Sommer

I agree with your QB assessment. Jackson isn’t even as good as Kaepernick. The Ravens are going to have a hard time competing with the Browns if they can’t find a real QB (I never thought I’d say that).

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