With the 20th Overall Pick, the Steelers Select…

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Meeting room at Heinz field:

Kevin Colbert: “Hey Mike, let’s talk about what we should do with the 20th pick in the draft, I’m thinking we should look for a cornerback. We have to stop OBJ twice a year now, and if we want to win in the playoffs we’ll have to figure out how to not let Patrick  Fucking Mahomes throw 6 TDs against us like last year”

Mike Tomlin: “Corner makes sense, those jagoffs we had last year couldn’t pick off a pass to save their life. But, we added the ballhawk Steven Nelson, he can track balls with the best of him. I can’t believe the Chiefs wouldn’t pay him $8.5 million a year, such a steal for an elite corner. I think we should add a linebacker, or lineman to shore up this run D”

Colbert: “That makes sense too, at least we got rid of most of the distractions on offense. Conner and JuJu are fine, and we’ve got our QB to learn from Ben, no need to take an early pick on offense”

Tomlin: “Glad you found the Raiders to give us something for Brown, that guy needs to figure out how to keep his emotions off the internet. He did not fit Steeler Nation at all.”

Enter Ben Roethlisberger: “Hey guys, what Y’inz talking about?”

Tomlin: “We’re talking draft. First round we’re gonna go D. We gotta stop the Browns and Chiefs and Pats to win again”

Roethlisberger: “You’re kidding right, D? I’m gonna retire any minute and you ran off my best weapons. It’s just me and some kids on offense”

Colbert: “Oh yeah, kids, that’s right, we totally ran everyone off, you’re right Ben, you’re the leader, whatever you say”

Roethlisberger: “Isn’t Antonio’s cousin in this draft, why don’t we just take him, that’ll work out perfectly. We’ll never have an issue with him.”

Tomlin: “Uh, you’re joking right Ben”

Roethlisberger: “Why would I be kidding? The only thing better than Antonio is these pierogis I’m eating. Defense is for chumps, don’t you want me to throw for 5,000 yards again and make sure I make the hall of fame? You wasted a pick on a QB last year when we could have drafted another receiver and then thought I’d help him out. HA!”

Colbert: “You’re right Ben, whatever you say, Marquise Brown it is, no way anyone else will take him that early, so that just made all our draft prep easy too!”

Roethlisberger: “Great, now let’s go get some IC Light and Primanti Brothers and watch some hockey. At least there’s 1 team in the ‘Burgh that remembers how to win.”

Pittsburgh Steelers GM Andy Reid The Walrus King selects: WR, Marquise Brown, Oklahoma

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  1. Arizona Cardinals – DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama
  2. San Francisco 49ers – DT Ed Oliver, Houston
  3. New York Jets – EDGE Nick Bosa, Ohio St
  4. Oakland Raiders – EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Greedy Williams, LSU
  6. New York Giants – EDGE Montez Sweat, Mississippi St
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars –  OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida
  8. Detroit Lions – LB Devin White, LSU
  9. Buffalo Bills – OT Jonah Williams, Alabama
  10. Denver Broncos – LB Devin Bush, Michigan
  11. Cincinnati Bengals – QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
  12. Green Bay Packers – TE Noah Fant, Iowa
  13. Miami Dolphins –  QB Drew Lock, Missouri
  14. Atlanta Falcons – WR D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss
  15. Washington Redskins – QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio St
  16. Carolina Panthers – OT Andre Dillard, Washington St
  17. New York Giants – DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson
  18. Minnesota Vikings – OT Cody Ford, Oklahoma
  19. Tennessee Titans – TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers – WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma
  21. Seattle Seahawks – 
  22. Baltimore Ravens –
  23. Houston Texans – 
  24. Oakland Raiders – 
  25. Philadelphia Eagles –
  26. Indianapolis Colts – 
  27. Oakland Raiders – 
  28. San Angeles Chargers –
  29. Kansas City Chiefs – 
  30. Green Bay Packers –
  31. Los Angeles Rams – 
  32. New England Patriots –
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Trolling hard. I approve.


Ha ha, that was my favorite write up yet! I hate the steelers!!!


This was brilliant


Like the write-up, so voted yes, not sure about the pick.


Steelers would never take a receiver in Round 1. They’ve had way too much success getting them in R3, and Marquise doesn’t profile as a replacement for Antonio. With Brian Burns still out there and Bud Dupree in his last year, they would definitely take him.

zulu trader
zulu trader

Best ‘pick’ yet! Thanks for the work and the write up — fun!

zulu trader
zulu trader

Tomorrow; Seattle. Will they pick a QB to replace Russell?

Andy Reid is the walrus king
Andy Reid is the walrus king

Thanks. Wanted to have a little fun with it. And troll the Steelers…

Tony Sommer

Speaking of Big Ben, at what point do the Steelers start thinking QB? The Chargers and Giants are both rumored to be looking for their QBotF, but Roethlisberger was in the same draft and you don’t hear anything. Are they counting on Rudolph to be that guy?


I think that they are cautiously optimistic that Rudolph could be that guy. Given how weak this QB class looks now, I don’t think they roll the dice at any point in the draft. Especially with how defensive heavy this draft is projecting to be. Next year’s QB class has the potential to be significantly better.


Morning AG, Kicking The Tires

Tony Sommer

Tires kicked, welcome.


No slashing of or peeing on, tho, please.