Watching the AAF drama unfold…

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Here’s a couple articles that are better-researched than the usual run of reporting on recent AAF developments for your perusal.

I have had some things to say of my own about this story, but I’m not putting these up as something related to those things. Instead, I’m sharing the links for their own merits. First is’s take on the legal aspects of what is going down.

Keep in mind that it was written by a law prof who specializes in sports law, and not just another sportswriter. That’s followed by this CBS Sports piece. While I have little to go on when it comes to the author, the article dives deeper into the implications of Dundon’s decision to shut down the league than the initial wave of “breaking news” stories, and is far better researched and written than those.

Since this story’s far from over, even if the AAF dies outright, Arrowhead Guys will keep an eye on developments going forward.

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I’m PISSED! I had tickets to see Memphis play in San Antonio this weekend. They better refund me without a goddamn hassle.


bankruptcy or closed the door or whatever excuse AAF uses = no refund
but you never know
Good luck


Your tickets are still good. But now you’re the starting QB for San Antonio!


I said this on another ” AAF is Dying Thread ” ,but, IMO … Until the NFL Team Owners Pony Up for True AAA / Farm teams , These Off Shoots are Dead in the water … If’n I were The Owners , I’d Bust this Big Stick / Bone to Throw Out When the Going gets Tough @ the impending CBA Cirque Del Soliel … …


So, it sounds to me like, this Dundon guy played the AAF as fools. He gets to write this all off and he profits from any technologies developed through the AAF and everyone else gets nothing. I’d say theft by deception but, IF the AAF group and their lawyers signed this agreement…. sucks for them.

KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)

From all reports the intellectual properties for the tech belongs to AAF Technology and MGM, and is exclusive. My guess is that when he found out he couldn’t take it he threw a hissy fit and shut the league down. If MGM even see’s a hint of the tech they helped developed under exclusive rights Dundon is done.

Dave B.
Dave B.

Dundon is done done…

Team Player
Team Player

The SÍ article raises major legal questions. It doesn’t give answers or claim to have any knowledge of the facts.

The CBS article is interesting in that it provides opinion in a factual setting. However I am skeptical because CBS is a potential creditor or plaintiff in a lawsuit. So objectivity would not be in their best interests. I’m not saying it’s wrong but they have a dog in the fight.

I don’t know the details. And the details are critical. I’ll watch and wait. A different kind of entertainment


Maybe they should have added a condition at the time of Dundon buying in that he couldn’t just shut it down if he felt like it.