Community OutSpeech: Seth Keysor Interview Part 2/3

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Over the weekend I had a chance to catch up with Seth Keysor of the Athletic for an exclusive AG Community OutSpeech interview. With nearly an hour of high quality Q’n’A recorded, I decided to break it up into a 3 part series.

For Part 2/3 we discuss the new look of the Chiefs roster and largest remaining needs heading into the 2019 draft.

Next on Part 3/3: We talk Twitter

Part 1:

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Agree on CB. We gotta get another good outside CB one way or another. I’m also high on Watts. The kid flashed some play ability. If we get a corner and a d lineman I’d be happy. We have a deep draft on the d line, right? I do think we need a stud LB as well. We have 2 cowboys back ups, Ragland, and Dorian. Not exactly inspiring for that part of pur defense.


Why do people keep forgetting that Ward and Lucas actually exist? After their shaky starts, both developed pretty quickly.


Good stuff. True we don’t know what this defense is going to be. Just as long as its not 31 again!

Tony Sommer

It’s a good thing Other Tony told Seth off about the gun, that could have ended up hurting somebody.