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If you hadn’t noticed, the Arrowhead Guys can get a little competitive from time to time. It just happens to be mock draft season, everyone’s favorite time of year, so what better way to show off our draft chops than to hold a mock draft battle royale (with cheese). We draft, you vote, winner talks trash all week. Sound fun? Lets do it!

The Returning Champion: Dan

The Challenger: jjackson_chiefs






Tony (wustl)

I hope @ArrowheadGuys is happy, I drafted a player on defense this time. For some reason this AI doesn’t like drafting RB, WR, and QB (the 3 positions the Chiefs don’t need), so it puts my BPA strategy to the test.

Think You Can Best Us?

We encourage participation of course. If you’d like to compete against the AG Staff, go to TDN’s Mock Machine and complete your own mock draft. Use the Upvote to vote for your favorite member mock, and the winning AG member will get to compete in the next Mock Battle against the AG staff!

To keep things fair, you must draft for the Chiefs, use the TDN Predictive Board, draft for all 7 rounds and manually draft your own players. To post in the comments you can tweet your results out and embed them or host the image in imgur and embed, both are easy options but feel free to ask if you have any issues getting them hosted and posted.

Now Vote!

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I dont follow the college game nearly enough to have a clue, but here’s what I ended up with just running through the mock
29-Erik McCoy C Texas A&M–interior OL is always a good pick late in the 1st
61 – Julian Love CB Notre Dame – very good bump and run guy
63 – Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson – 6’4 340. Looks to be strong against POA runs, should command double teams to move him
92- Daylan Mack DT Texas A&M – more speed on the inside, great complement to Jones, makes the other OL have to choose who to double on pass pro
Anything past this is more or less throwing darts at the board so I didnt bother


Here’s my latest run through, taking the Honey Badger into account:

29. Clelin Ferrell—EDGE Clemson
61. Charles Omenihu—IDL Texas
63. Trayvon Mullen—CB Clemson
92. Joe Gules-Harris—LB Duke
167. Hunter Renfrow—WR Clemson
201. Demarcus Christmas—IDL Florida State
214. Jordan Wyatt—CB Southern Methodist
216. James Williams—RB Washington State

Pick 92 always seems to be the hardest. Knowing it’s 75 picks until you get another chance makes it hard for me to decide.


Renferow is always available in much later rounds. Try and get more value in round five if you can


In this particular draft he was the top ranked player at 167. Didn’t see anyone I liked better.


Being lazy and just using cut-n-paste. Passed on Baker at 29. Ferrell is a better value there. Double tapped CB in the 2nd.

216 Cody Barton, LB Utah

214 Devine Ozigbo, RB Nebraska

201 Miles Boykin , WR Notre Dame

167 Chris Slayton, IDL Syracuse

92 Kahale Warring, TE San Diego State

63 Rock Ya-Sin, CB Temple

61 Trayvon Mullen, CB Clemson

29 Clelin Ferrell , EDGE Clemson


Ziggy! Loved the year he had to finish out at NU!


I’m going to complain a bit more about that AI. I prefer to do BPA, but usually there’s a handful of guys ranked about the same so there’s a choice. Last year was fine, but for whatever reason this year their program decides that no team in the NFL needs WR or RB, so you get to the point where the top 20 guys are all WRs and RBs, so the draft ends up being ridiculous.


Sometimes their breakdowns of players contradict their rankings, as well. They gush over one player while dissing a guy ranked six slots above him.


And we’ll try this:

View post on


I had to go with the TE with the first…………. I hate myself cause it’s not really going to happen, but I had to with the way the draft fell.


It’s between low bird and sporting


Its always lowbird, always


How do we embed images again?


I think they will draft a WR. Sammy ain’t gonna be here next year.

Miles Boykin, ND. 6’4″ 4.42 40yd dash. Mocking in round 6 somehow.


Late round OL, and I just can’t see Andy not taking a TE in the 2nd or 3rd round. So I’m going to go,
29 Defense,
61 Defense,
63 Offense (hopefully TE)
92 Defense
167 Offense (O-line or Running back)
201 Defense (Line)
214 Offese (O-line or Running back)
216 Defense (CB or Safety)

Andy Reid is the walrus king
Andy Reid is the walrus king

Haven’t embedded anything here before. Let’s see if this works.


AND the new comer is throwing haymakers…..


Get outta here with that windmill


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