Veach Addresses the Media

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Ahead of the Tyrann Mathieu introductory press conference, Kansas City Chiefs GM Brett Veach took a few minutes to address the media. Here are some highlights.

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Not a fan of trading up. We need a lot of talent on defense.

– Assuming we sign one of Darby/Verrett we still need a corner to compete with Ward for CB3
– Still need another starting safety (I’d prefer waiting until FA has calmed down and picking up someone who’s left over instead of going the draft route)
– Probably should take advantage of the draft being flush with Dline talent
– Ditto with the TE position
– Need EDGE talent in a big way and have to hope at least one of Speaks/Kpass turns into a good starter
– Need talent at SAM and MIKE. Especially at MIKE as that’s a guy who’s gonna be on the field in sub packages as well
– Should consider tacking stabs at OTs and WR to prepare for Fisher/Schwartz departure in the future and Watkins is probably gone after this year so WR2 could use some more juice

I know we made the AFC Championship, but this team has a lot of needs. We need as many bites at the cherry as we can get.


Veach doesn’t understand modern football or is just desperate to defend Speaks. They won’t be in the “base” 4-3 more than 20% of the time. It will be some variation of nickle 70% of the time. Edge players have to be speedy to the QB…i.e. Speaks ain’t it.


He will play inside in the nickel, is what I’m gathering.
(Which he does have the traits for doing).

In fact if you look, his physical measurables are superior to those of LJ Collier, a fairly well regarded early to mid round 43 defensive end prospect from Texas Christian in this year’s draft.

Of course, look who I am responding to. My guess is you’re going to tell me that Veach is a dogfucker & the Chiefs will never win.


Veach is a dogfucker



pay no attention to Sal, he has no clue about Veach’s personal life (I have it on good authority that Veach has a STRONG preference for cats)


I’m not coming back to this thread.


I thought it was agreed that edge rushers aren’t as important as CB’s and S and LB (Secondary) … but what do I know


Well, at least he understands that “Thoughts & Prayers” (Tanoh & Speaks) do not constitute a well thought out pass rush plan. Not at this point in their careers, anyway. (And I say this as a supporter of both players, particularly Speaks).

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Solid nickname. Going from puff puff pash rush to thoughts and prayers kinda sucks. Good thing we have our miracle in Mahomes