Scouting Report: LB Devin Bush

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The Arrowhead Guys review Michigan LB Devin Bush, who Dan fell madly deeply in love with during his review here, and release their “Live-Reaction” Scouting Report. Tony and Dave saw some very disappointing things in Bush’s game, you’ll see it here first!

Please Be Advised This Series May Contain Strong Language

Arrowhead Guys provide a light humored “Live-Reaction” Scouting Report on Michigan LB Devin Bush . Please be advised of the possibility of strong language in this series of videos. These are not meant to be highly manicured scouting reports, they are what the title suggests: A live-reaction, gut feeling about what we see watching a player for the first time. Aside from collecting general stats in advance, these reviews are not pre-rehearsed nor scouted ahead of time, and is an accurate reflection of how the “Average Guy” analyzes players. Which means we’ll point out the obvious, and make fun of each other the rest of the time. For the sake of saving you 10 minutes of “ummm’s” the original footage was edited for continuity.

About Our Proprietary Advanced Scouting System [PASS]

Comments aside, we try to keep things clean for a broad audience here at AG. However, the first shoot of this series just didn’t work. We’re not going to sit here and pretend like we’re draft experts or that we’re doing something different in the world of college scouting, because no one is technically an expert at scouting; its like being a weatherman and hoping your guesses are right more often than not. But more than that, its hoping no one remembers when you were wrong.

We hope to change all that, with a series of scouting reports that you’ll remember whether right or wrong, not because we told you something new about a player you could have just read on about 15 other sites, but because we made it entertaining to watch.

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If that was a highlight reel, then Im not impressed and wouldnt waste anything higher than a 6th with the intention of playing STs. I saw nothing that showed this guy was anything but a body


No hidden agenda there, right in your face. Enjoy watching these.

Team Player
Team Player

Great description- now can he play will?

Daniel Harms

ODaniel is best suited to play will. Bush would be the future at Mike imo if they traded up to take him. Would allow the Chiefs to cut Hitchens if he has another bad season

Team Player
Team Player

I agree on DoD

But watching that film I kept projecting Bush as a Will. He’s got athleticism but not the nasty edge. (I’m scaring myself thinking of Jovan Belcher, so I rephrased a few times)


Prayers for Belcher being at peace, and for all those touched by that sad tragic matter.