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Dave’s out of town today, so I get to wake up at 1am after being sick all night to cover this week’s Taste of the Town. So this week’s installment is likely to be a bit short. Speaking of short Dave, how did a guy who tastes water for a living get put in charge of Tastes of the Town?

In other news, I also just found out we signed Tyrann Mathieu. Like 6 hours ago. That’s cool, I’m a big fan, but I was literally just thinking prior that I’d like the Chiefs to get him, but on the bright side I won’t have to worry about spelling his name right all the time if we don’t. Oh well.

New To KC: The MF’ing Honey Badger

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So now that Honey Badger is a Chief, I’m just going to go ahead and claim him as our own. He was one of my biggest draft crushes ever, and now that he’s a Chief I can shamelessly RT myself letting everyone know how right I was all along, and it only took the Chiefs six years to figure that out. He’s been amazing in the NFL, with his unique ability to transition seamlessly between CB and S, playing both at a very high level. On top of that, he plays with the type of nasty that makes my heart flutter. Lets catch you up on what the Kansas City Chiefs just got:

“But why do we call him the Honey Badger, Tony?” Well, I’m glad you asked. The most important reason is because my typically fast typing skills come to a grinding halt every time I have to slowly type out the last three letters of his name in order to get them right. Seriously, my convenience is important. But then there’s also the “Honey Badger Don’t Give AF” video, which if you haven’t seen it yet you now have the ability to fix everything wrong in your life by doing so. Warning: NSFW

So you combine his penchant for playing football with an attitude, along with the trademark blonde mohawk he sported in college, you can see where the nickname came from. And it works, completely. There may not be a better nickname in all of football, ever. The Honey Badger is a Chief. I am happy.

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Special Note: Honey Badgers eat snakes. Emmanuel Sanders, be warned.

Weekly Debate Fire-Starter

Kansas City is generally know as a cow-town, thriving on historical references to the stockades and railroads used to supply the nation with Texas bovine, meaning we got first dibs on fresh heifer before it got shipped out. And we’ve proudly hung on to that descriptor, turning cows into stellar BBQ and steaks since a long frickin’ time ago.

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But we are good at other things too. I mean, who doesn’t like a kickass sammich? And boy oh boy does KC got you covered. Today, we’re going to pit cold and hot local subs against each other in the battle for deli meat supremacy: Goodcents Vs Planet Sub.

I knew going in this was going to be a tough fight between two locally founded sub shops that have spawned franchises slowly spreading out into other communites. Goodcents’ “Penny Club” destroys any cold sub you can get from a national chain sub shop, while Planet Sub’s “Planet Sub” not only dominates the much smaller hot sub (giggity) market, but also transcends beyond being just a great sub.

The winner in this debate is going to undoubtedly be Planet Sub. The Planet Sub sandwich ranks up there with some of the best BBQ sandwiches you will ever try. Goodcents never stood a fighting chance which is unfortunate because they are amazing in their own right, and when the desire strikes for a cold deli sandwich, they are my go-to. But the Planet Sub has become a destination food for me, meaning I drive well out of my way just to eat there, and ultimately that is the true sign of a good meal; how much you are willing to inconvenience yourself just to eat it when the mood strikes.

If you haven’t tried either establishment, do your taste buds a solid and give both of them a shot. Unless you’re Dave, who will probably still find a reason to prefer eating at 7/11. But if you’re asking me for the one sub to try in Kansas City, the answer without second thought will be the Planet Sub. Its only rival locally may be the Z-Man, but that’s a debate for another Tuesday.

Weigh In Arrowhead Guys!

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One thing that helps with the bE Broke, bE Bane, bE Baffling situation is not gonna any Fs, and Honey badger don’t give any.

They need to play that you tube video on the Jumbotron.


This was funny:

Special Note: Honey Badgers eat snakes. Emmanuel Sanders, be warned.

And I’m now very hungry


This made me think of 3 foods I miss living in Virginia. There are more than 3, but the article made 3 enter my head. One, I love Mr. Goodcents. 2. The nearest taco Johns is hours away. 3. I’d kill for some shrooms from 54th street.


maybe Planet Sub will come up with a Honey Badger sub

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Goodcents is pretty good, never had planet sub but sounds like I should give it a try sometime.


Nothing like dinner looking you in the ole eyeball.


Never had Planet Sub. They have a Mr. Goodcents in Springfield I had back in ohh say 2001-02 maybe. I dare to say Mr. Goodcents is the same as just “Goodcents” or do we have a Trademark naming rights battle going on here….


“So this week’s instalment is likely to be a bit short.” Okay. Glad it wasn’t, a good read.
“Honey badgers eat snakes. Emmanuel Sanders, be warned.” Ya baby! Great video.
As for Goodcents vs Planet Sub, that’s a long drive from here, but I’ll stash the references for the day I get to Arrowhead.
And since it’s the first meal of the day how about some corned beef hash and poached eggs.
Hope you get to feeling better.
Is it Groundhog Day: “Dave’s not here.”