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User Tips

First rule of AG, the right arrow key is your “next unread comment” button.  Second rule of AG, sort by “newest” at the top right of the comment section.  All other rules will be update by Sporting.  He’s smarter than me.

Posting images: Copy the url address from a hosted image/gif and simply paste it into the comment text box.  Its that easy.

Site Suggestions

Rather than forcing me to continue to find new and creative ways to say “the wizards working on it” please use the comment section of this article to post suggestions…that have not already been suggested. 

We are working on adding a “greened” feature for up’d (the new rec’d) comments as well as better options to see who was being replied to.  Also in works is a profile page that lets you see your comment history.  Another issue I’ve noted is have the cursor just to the text box when you click reply, and yes we’re aware the “unread comments” feature behaves like a pre-teen at times.  These are all longer fixes but things we’re aware of.  Please add your ideas below.