Crossing the Line: A Broncos Fan Reaction by Mancar

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“One of these days you’re gonna love me.” While I’m not a big country music fan, Tim McGraw certainly evokes the spirit of fans. There is something about fandom and going through its ups and downs that make you love your team in a way you can’t love anything else. Its like dating a bi-polar actress who hasn’t got a call back 4 hours. I love you…but god dammit you are crazy. 

The Broncos made a trade for Flacco today, and while I am not enthusiastic about it, something about…familiarity…is sadly comforting. The Broncos have been the kings of sub par QB play for the last 4 seasons. At first we were tricked with the promise that the same formula that led us to the Super Bowl, a great defense and mediocre QB play, could continue to be a trend in the NFL. Enter Trevor Siemian, the 7th round wonder kid who took hold of the playbook and learned quickly. His 7th round draft status quickly became apparent, to the point that if he DIDN’T throw an interception you would be shocked. Sounds like it couldn’t get worse, right?

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We decided to stay with Trevor and bring back Brock Osweiler  and kept trying to give Paxton Lynch every opportunity to win the starting QB job. Another season with crap QB play, another season in the tank. Our genius Front Office and glorious coach decided to go ahead and pay another wonder kid: Case Keenum. What could go wrong, right? Oh he would lead the league in interceptions? You don’t say? Oh he would make terrible decisions when the team had some sort of momentum going? Who’d of thunk it? Naturally the Front Office saw this and decided they had to make another move …

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…only that is not what happened. We are not getting an elite QB. We are not getting a QB to compete with the likes of Rivers and Mahomes. We are still, to this day, trying to replicate a formula that hasn’t worked since 2015. Joe Flacco is what happens when you take a piece of white bread and put butter on it. Joe Flacco is what happens when you are at a gas station and say “You know what I am gonna try 89 instead of 87.” Joe Flacco is what happens when you have dug yourself into a hole where JOE FLACCO seems like a saving grace. Now I don’t mean to hate on Joe, this is much more a critique on the events leading up to trading for Joe. By all accounts this is a low risk move. Take a 4th rounder (you have an extra one anyway since you got one for D. Thomas), trade it for a QB with no guarantees or dead cap in 2019-2020 moving on, and move on past Keenum. While I don’t agree with many of Elway’s moves he at least makes some moves that you can quickly get away from. Flacco to me isn’t about Flacco…this move spells the need to go and get Drew Lock…and to be honest I don’t like that either. The transition from Flacco to Lock is much much easier than Keenum to Lock. I would be SHOCKED if the Broncos do not draft Lock. But even then what does that give you? Another seemingly mediocre QB…HEY BUT AT LEAST THIS TIME HE IS YOUNGER!

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The Broncos have been terribly afraid of admitting a rebuild. They have done everything in their power to stay competitive. To me that is foolish. They brought in stop gaps at all positions and didn’t adjust systems to fit the QB’s strengths. Whats the point of bringing in QB’s if you are just waiting for someone that isn’t here? The Broncos want Lock and that is fine…but for the love of the football gods build a system around his strengths. This notion of growing a QB into your system is outdated. 

There isn’t a lot to truly hate about this trade but there isn’t anything to like either. Flacco cannot compete with Rivers, Flacco cannot outgun Mahomes. The most important position in football has to be someone spectacular. The Broncos made this move with the future in mind and they better pray to the football Gods that Lock is available when they draft and that Lock becomes more than what he is projected to be. As a Bronco’s fan, I don’t have to tell you Chiefs fans what it is like continually hoping for better QB play. Perhaps in that regard we are closer than we thought. 

“One of these days you’re gonna love me.” I hope so Tim because sometimes its hard loving a team.